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August 15, 2018

UHD Movies and TV
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

Alien: Covenant (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0220172.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Arrival (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5620162.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Baby Driver (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5320172.39:1Dolby AtmosFIN, extended&deleted scenes, documents
Blade Runner (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5719822.40:1DDFIN, Final cut, 4 finished versions of the film, 3 commentaries, Dangerous Days document and more
Blade Runner 2049 (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.4320172.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, Designing the world, 3 Prologues, Blade Runner 101
(4K UHD + Blu-Ray)
 2.35/2.5019952.35:1DTS:X & MAFIN, BD Extras
Inception (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.2720102.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Inferno (4K UHD + Blu-Ray 2.0120161.85:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Interstellar (4K UHD + 2xBlu-Ray) 2.4920142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 3 hrs of documents
Mad Max: Fury Road (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0020152.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, special features, deleted scenes
The Matrix (4K UHD + 2xBlu-Ray) 2.1619992.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, lots of documents
The Martian (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.2120152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Oblivion (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0520132.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents, commentary
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.4620162.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Wonder Woman (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0220172.40:1Dolby Atmos-TrueHD, DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.17/2.34/2.3619912.40:1DTS-HD MAENG, documents, 2 commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers
Westworld - Season One: The Maze (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 10.1620162.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents

HD Movies
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength YearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
12 Monkeys 2.1019951.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, making of, trailer, photo gallery, audio commentary, extras 1.40
12 Years a Slave 2.1420132.40:1DD5.1FIN, historical portrait, The Team the Score
28 Days Later... 1.4820021080pDTS-HDENG, commentaries, deleted scenes, making of, music video, still & polaroid gallery, animated storyboards, trailers
30 Days of Night 2.5020052.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
37°2 le matinBetty Blue3.05/2.0119861.66:1LCPM 2.0ENG, DVD extras
300 -20062.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
300 - Rise of a Empire -20062.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
2001: A Space Odyssey2001: Avaruusseikkailu2.2819682.2:1PCMFIN
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie 1.3320162.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Adjustment BureauKohtalon vartijat1.4620111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted and extended scenes, documents, commentary
Agora 2.0720092.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, image galleries, trailers, documents
Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece CollectionSaboteur, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, Rear Window, The Trouble with Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, Marnie, Torn Curtain, Topaz, Frenzy, Family Plot---DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Alien Anthology (6BD) 2x4 movies---FIN, 2 versions of each movies, lots of documents
Alien: Covenant (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0220172.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
All about EveKaikki Eevasta2.1819501.33:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, documents, trailer
Amadeus - Director's Cut 3.0019842.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, commentary, making of, trailer
American Pastoral 1.4820162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
American Sniper 2.1220142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
American Beauty 2.0119992.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Angels & Demons (Theatrical&extended edition)Enkelit ja Demonit2.18 / 2.2620092.40:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, documents, cinechat
Another EarthToinen Maailma1.3220111.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, music video, documents, deleted scenes, trailer
Another YearVuosi elämästä2.1020102.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, interviews
Apocalypse Now - Collector's Edition (3BD)Ilmestyskirja. Nyt Redux2.27/3.1619792.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, Redux, Heart of Darkness, booklet, theatrical program, 5 postcards
Apollo 13 2.2019952.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentaries
Argo - Extended Cut 2.00 / 2.0920122.40:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, 2 documents
Arrival (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5620162.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Atlantis 1.1919912.35:12.0 LPCM FREENG, trailer
Atomic Blonde 1.5520172.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Australia 2.3820082.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, deleted scenes, featurette, behind the scenes
Avatar - Extended Collector's 6 Disc Edition (3BD+3DVD) 2.5820091.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents, 3 versions of movie etc etc
Avatar 3D 2.4220091.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Artist 1.4020121.33:1 BWDTS-HD MAFIN, documents
August: Osage CountyPerhe2.0120132.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of, deleted scenes, commentary
Avengers 2.2320121.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, gag reel, documents
Aviator 2.5020042.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Babel 2.2020061.85:1DTS-HDFIN
Baby Driver (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5320172.39:1Dolby AtmosFIN, extended&deleted scenes, documents
Back to the Future Trilogy (3BD) 3 movies---FIN, 6-part documentary, new ending, deleted scenes, commentaries, behind the scenes etc
Bad BoysPahat pojat1.5919951.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, movieIQ, commentary, documentary, three music videos
Barry Lyndon -19751.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Basic InstinctVaiston varassa2.0819922.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Batman Begins 2.2020042.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+ENG, lots of special features
Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice 2.3120162.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, 2 hrs of extras
Battlestar Galactica - The Plan 1.5220091.78:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, deleted scenes, commentary, D-Box
Battlestar Galactica - Blood & Chrome 1.3420121.78:1DTS-HD MA 5.1ENG SDH, deleted scenes, visual effects doc
Battlestar Galactica 2.0419781.85:1DTS-HD MA 2.1FIN
Before MidnightRakkautta ennen keskiyötä1.4920131.85:1DDFIN
Behind the CandelabraMy Life with Liberace1.5920131.78:1DTS-HD MAENG SDH, making of
Belle de JourPäiväperho1.4019671.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2.04201116:9DTS-HD MAFIN, behind the story, interviews
Birdman or (The unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 1.5920141.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Blade Runner - The Final Cut (2-disc) 1.5719822.40:1TrueHD,DD+FIN, 3 comment tracks, making of, deleted scenes, interviews etc
Blade Runner (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.5719822.40:1DDFIN, Final cut, 4 finished versions of the film, 3 commentaries, Dangerous Days document and more
Blade Runner 2049 (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.4320172.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, Designing the world, 3 Prologues, Blade Runner 101
The Blind SideElämä Pelissä2.0820091.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, sidelines, story, interview, additional scenes
The Bling Ring 1.3020131.85:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, documents
Blow 2.0320012.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, triviatrack, interviews, deleted scenes, failed scenes, music video, trailers
Blue is the Warmest ColourAdelen elämä: osat 1 ja 22.57201316:9FR DTS-HD MAENG
Blue Jasmine 1.3820132.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Blues Brothers 2.1319801.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Borat 1.2620061.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, trailer & documents
The Bourne Identity 1.5820022.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Bourne Supremacy 1.4820042.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Bourne Identity 1.5620072.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Bourne Legacy 2.1520122.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1ENG SDH, lots of documents
Boyhood 2.4520141.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Boys Don't Cry 1.5819991.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, making of, trailers, tv-spots
Bram Stoker's Dracula 2.0719921.85:1DD+FIN, introduction, comment track, deleted scenes, minidocuments
(XV Anniversary, 2 BD)
 2.58199516:9DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, map, 2 comment tracks, image gallery etc
Brazil 2.2319851.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurette, trailer
Breakfast at Tiffany'sAamiainen Tiffanyllä1.5519611.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, documents, galleries, trailer
the Bridge on the river KwaiKwai-joen silta2.4119572.55:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, archival audio, picture-in-graphics track and more
A Bridge Too FarYksi silta liikaa2.4819771080pDTS-HDFIN, trailer
Bridget Jones's Diary 1.3720012.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, making of, deleted scenes, 2 clips
Brokeback Mountain 2.1520051080pDD5.1FIN
Brooklyn 1.4520151.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted and extended scenes
Captain America: The First Avenger (Limited 3D edition) 2.0420112.35:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, 6 featurettes, deleted scenes, commentary
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (3D) 2.1620142.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, commentary, gag reel, deleted scenes, featurettes
Captain Phillips 2.1420132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, document
Carnage 1.1920112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Casablanca - Special Collector's Edition 1.4219421080pDD1.0FIN, comment tracks, introduction, deleted scenes, documents, trailers, bonus dvd, 48 page image book, 10 posters etc
Casino Royale 2.2120062.40:1DD+FIN, extras, music video, trailers
Charlie Chaplin: Exclusive Collection 16:151921-19574:3DTS-HD MAFIN, Movies: The Kid, A Woman in Paris, The Gold Rush, The Circus. City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Monsieur Verdoux, Limelight, A King in New York
Children of MenIhmisen pojat-2006--FIN
Chronicle - Extended Edition 1.24/1.3320121.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scene, pre-viz, camera test
The Chronicles of Riddick - Limited Edition 2.1420042.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, intro, commentary, deleted scenes, documents etc
Cloud AtlasPilvikartasto2.2520122.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, bonus disc
Clear and Present DangerIsku Kolumbiaan2.2119942.35:1Dolby True-HDFIN, interviews
Cleopatra - 50th Anniversary Edition (2BD) 4.1119632.20:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, missing footage, commentary, news, trailers
Cliffhanger 1.4919932.35:1DTS-HDNONE
A Clockwork OrangeKellopeliappelsiini2.1719711.66:1PCMFIN
CloserIholla1.4320041.85:1DD5.1FIN, music video
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky 1.5920092.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Cold Mountain 2.3520032.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Colombiana 1.4720112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Commando 1.3019852.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, trailers
The Constant GardenerUskollinen puutarhuri2.08200516:9DTS-HD MAFIN
Control 2.0120072.35:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, commentary, extended scenes, documents, trailer
Cool Hand LukeLannistumaton Luke2.0619672.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, trailer, document
Copland 1.4519971.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Coraline - 2D/3D Version 1.4020091.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 4x3D glasses, deleted scenes, making of, commentary, u-control
Cosmopolis 1.4520121.85:1DTS-HD MAENG SDH, documentary, interviews
CracksViattomuuden Uhrit1.4020092.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Crank 1.2720061.77:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Crash (Extended Director's Cut) 1.4720042.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, extra Docs&Music
deleted scenes, documents, music video
CreationTarina Charles Darwinista1.4820091.77:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Creed 2.1320152.40:1DTS-HD MA, documents, deleted scenesFIN
The Cross of Iron 1.40197716:9DDFIN
The Crow 1.3719941.85:1DTS 5.1ENG, commentary, deleted/extended scenes, featurette, profile interview, poster art, production design, storybord seqeuences
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition 2.1519772.35:1TrueHDFIN, documents, storyboard comparisons, photo gallery, featurette, deleted scenes
Conan the BarbarianConan Barbaari2.0519812.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, deleted scenes, documents, tailers
ContactEnsimmäinen yhteys2.2919972.40:1TrueHDFIN, 3 comment tracks, 4 minidocuments, musical track, trailers
The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonBenjamin Buttonin uskomaton elämä2.4620082.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Dance with WolvesTanssii Susien kanssa3.0019902.35:1Dolby TrueHDFIN
Dallas Buyers Club 1.5620131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, document, deleted scenes
The Dark Knight (2-disc special edition)Yön Ritari2.2320081080pDolby TrueHDFIN, documents, galleries, trailers etc etc
Dark City - Director's Cut 1.5119982.35:1DTS-HDENG HOH, commentaries, fact track gallery, docs, trailer
the Da Vinci Code (Extended cut, 2 disc set)Da Vinci-koodi2.5420062.40:1TrueHD 5.1FIN, comment track, minidocuments etc
The Dark Knight (2BD)Yön Ritari2.3320082.40:1/1.78:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, lots of extras
The Dark Knight RisesYön Ritarin Paluu2.4420122.40:1/1.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 3 hours of extras
Darkest Hour 2.0520171.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary
Dead Poets SocietyKuolleiden runoilijen seura2.0919891.78:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, documents, raw takes, theatrical trailer
Deadpool 1.4820162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted/extended scenes, gag reel, documents, commentary
Death at a FuneralArvoituksia arkussa1.2720071.85:1DDFIN
Die Hard 2: Die Harder 2.0319902.35:1DTS-HDFIN, commentaries, featurette, trailers, storyboard, tv spots etc
Die Hard with a VengeanceDie Hard: Koston enkeli2.0719952.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, alternate ending, trailers
Die Hard 4.0 2.0320072.40:1DTS-HDFIN, making of, featurettes, behind the scenes
Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard - extended cut 1.38/1.4220131.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, comment track, documents, deleted scenes
Divergent 2.1920142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 2 h extras
Divergent: Insurgent 1.5920152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Divergent: Allegiant 2.0020162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 2 h extras
Django Unchained 2.4520122.40:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, documents
Doctor Zhivago 3.2019652.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary + 2nd disc for extras
Don Jon 1.2920132.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Donnie Darko 1.5320012.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Double Life of VeroniqueVeronikan kaksoiselämää1.3419912.40:1DTS-HD MAENG, short films, documentary, interview, conversation
Dnevnoy dozorDay Watch2.1920062.35:1Dolby TrueHD RUSFIN
Dredd (3D) 1.3520122.40:1DTS-HD MAENG SDH, documents
Drive 1.4020112.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
E.T. - Limited Edition 1.5419821.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of documents, photos, deleted scenes
Ecstasy 1.4420111.77:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Edge of Tomorrow (3D) 1.5320142.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, deleted scenes etc
Elysium 1.4920132.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of extras
The English PatientEnglantilainen potilas2.4219961.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Escape from New YorkPako New Yorkista1.4919812.35:1DTS HD MAFIN, documents, trailers, commentary
Eternal Sunshine of Spotless MindTahraton Mieli1.4820041.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Event Horizon 1.3619972.35:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, commentary, documents, trailer
Everest 2.0120152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary
The Evil Dead 1.3119811.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Evil Dead 1.2520131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Evil Dead II 1.2419871.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Ex Machina 1.4820152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Extremely Loud & Incredibly CloseÄärimmäisen lujaa ja uskomattoman läheltä2.0920112.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Eyes Wide Shut 2.3919991.85:1PCM 5.1FIN, documentary, featurette, speech, interview, trailer & tv-spots
Falling DownRankka päivä1.5219932.40:1Dolby TrueHD 2.0FIN, commentary, conversation, trailer
The Fault in Our StarsTähtiin kirjoitettu virhe2.0620141.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Fargo 1.3919961.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurett
Fast & Furious - The Complete Collection (1-6) 1.47, 1.48, 1.44, 1.47, 2.10, 2.112001-132.35:1DTS HD-MAFIN
Fast & Furious 7 - Extended edition 2.17/2.2020152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Fear and Loathing in Las VegasPelkoa ja inhoa Las Vegasissa1.5819982.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, deleted scenes, spotlight on location
Fences 2.1920162.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
La Femme NikitaNikita1.5719902.35:12.0 LPCM FREENG, documents, trailer
The Fifth Element 2.0619971.85:1PCM 5.1 UC, TrueHD DD5.1ENG, trivia fact track
Filth 1.37201416:9DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Fight Club 2.1919992.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
The Firm 2.3419931.78:1DTS-HD MVAFIN, trailer, teaser
The Fisher King 2.1719911.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
FlightLento2.1820121.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
For a Few Dollars MoreVain muutaman dollarin tähden2.12196516:9DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Fountain 1.3220061.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Four Weddings and a Funeral 1.5819941.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, documents, deleted scenes, promospot, trailer
From Here to EternityTäältä ikuisuuteen1.5819531.33:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
FrozenHuurteinen seikkailu1.4220132.24:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FIFIN, documents, trailer, music video
Full Metal Jacket -198716:9DTS-HD MAFIN
Ghost in the Shell 1.4720171.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Ghostbusters 1.4519842.40:1TrueHD 5.1FIN, factoid track, featurettes, photo gallery, deleted scenes, wallpaper, commentary, storyboard, multi-angle shots
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 1.5320092.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, making of, docs
The Girl KingTyttökuningas1.4620152.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, trailer
A Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2.3820122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary
(Collector's Edition, 2 BD)
 2.3519952.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, theatrical/extended version, documents, deleted scenes etc
The Godfather Collection (3-movies) 2.57, 3.20, 2.501972, 1974, 19902.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN
Gomorra 2.1720082.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1 eng/chi/freFIN
Gone with the WindTuulen viemää3.5219391.33:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, 8 hours of extras
Gone GirlKiltti tyttö2.2820142.35:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, commentary
The GooniesArkajalat1.4219852.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, comment track, making of, outtakes, music video, trailer, soundtrack remasteres
Gran Torino 1.5620082.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents
Le Grand BleuSuuri Sininen2.4919882.35:1DTS HD MAFIN, making of
Grand Budapest Hotel 1.4020141.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, featurettes, gallery
Gravity (3D/2D) 1.3020132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 3 hours of special features
The Great GatsbyKultahattu2.2220132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, alternative ending, trailer
GremlinsRiiviöt1.4619841.85:1Dolby TrueHD 5.1FIN, 10 mins new footage, making of, 2 commentaries, photo/storyboard gallery, trailers
Guardians of the Galaxy 1.5620142.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, deleted&extended scenes, featurettes, commentary, gag reel
The Guns of NavaroneNavaronen Tykit2.2519611.85:1DTS HD MAFIN, commentaries, documents, featurettes
Hacksaw RidgeAseeton sotilas2.1920162.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Hardcore 1.3620151.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, featurette, deleted scenes
Halo Legends 1.5920101.78:1DD5.1FIN, making of, Halo: Story so Far, commentary
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn 1.3020121080pDTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Halo Nightfall 1.2820141.78:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents
Halo: The Fall of Reach 1.05201516:9DTS-HD MAFIN, slideshow, trailers
The Hateful Eight 2.4820152.76:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Hangover Trilogy 1.47,1.41,1.392009,11,132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Hearthbreak Ridge 2.0919862.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
 2.4919952:40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, 5documents, comment track, 11 enew scenes, trailers
Hell or High water 1.4220162.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, document
Hellboy - Director's Cut 2.1220041.85:1PCM 5.1 UC, DD5.1ENG, commentary, documents, tests, comics
The HelpPiiat2.2620111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes, music video
Hereafter 2.0820102.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Hidden Figures 2.0720162.39:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, commentary, trailer
(Immortal Edition)
Highlander - Kuolematon1.5719861.85:1DTS-HDENG, commentary, document, deleted scenes, trailer
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition, 3BD) 3.0220122.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, comment track, lots of documents
The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition + 3D) 3.06, 2.4120132.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of documents
The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) 2.4420132.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of documents
The Homesman 2.0220142.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Hot Fuzz -20072.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
How the West Was Won 2.4419622.89:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Hugo (3D) 2.0620111.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of documents
The Hunger Games - Complete 4-film collectionNälkäpeli9.232012-20162.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, hours of special features
Hysteria 1.3920111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of
Il y a longtemps que je t'aime I've Loved You So Long1.5220081.85:1DD 5.1FIN
Imitation Game 1.5420142.35:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, documents
In the Name of the FatherIsän nimeen2.1319931.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Inception (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.2720102.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Inferno (4K UHD + Blu-Ray 2.0120161.85:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Inglourious Basters 2.3320092.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Interstellar (4K UHD + 2xBlu-Ray) 2.4920142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 3 hrs of documents
Interview with Vampire
Veren Vangit2.0319941.85:1DD5.1FIN, comments, document, trailer
InformersIlmiantajat1.3820081.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, trailer
Into the Blue 1.5020052.35:1DD5.1FIN
IntouchablesKoskemattomat1.5220111.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Iron Man - Ultimate 2-disc edition 2.0620082.40:1Dolby TrueHD 5.1FIN, lots of extras
Jackie 1.3920161.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurette, commentary
Jackie Brown 2.3519971.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
JagtenJahti1.5520122.35:1DTS-HD MA DENFIN
James Bond 1: Dr. NoSalainen Agentti 007 ja Tohtori No1.5019621.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 2: From Russia with LoveSalainen Agentti 007 Istanbulissa1.5519631.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 3: Goldfinger007 ja kultasormi1.4519641.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 4: ThunderballPallosalama2.1019652.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 5: You Only Live TwiceElät vain kahdesti1.5719672.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 6: On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceHänen majesteettinsa salaisessa palveluksessa2.2219692.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 7: Diamonds Are ForeverTimantit ovat ikuisia2.2119712.35:1DD+FIN, lots of extras
James Bond 8: Live and Let DieElä ja anna toisten kuolla2.0219731.85:1DD+FIN, lots of extras
James Bond 9: The Man with the Golden Gun007 ja kultainen ase2.0519742.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 10: The Spy Who Loved Me 007 Rakastettuni2.0519772.35:1DD+FIN, lots of extras
James Bond 11: MoonrakerKuuraketti2.0119792.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 12: For Your Eyes OnlyErittäin Salainen2.0819812.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 13: OctopussyOctopussy - Mustekala2.1119832.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 14: A View to a Kill007 ja Kuoleman katse2.1119852.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 15: The Living Daylights007 Vaaran Vyöhykkeellä2.1119872.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 16: Licence to Kill007 ja Lupa Tappaa2.1319892.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 17: Goldeneye007 ja Kultainen silmä2.1019952.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 18: Tomorrow Never DiesHuominen ei koskaan kuole1.5919972.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 19: The World is Not EnoughKun maailma ei riitä2.0819992.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 20 Die Another DayKuolema saa odottaa2.1220022.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of extras
James Bond 21: Casino Royale 2.2120062.40:1DD+FIN, extras, music video, trailers
James Bond 22: Quantum of Solace 1.4220082.40:1DTS-HDFIN, music video, trailers, crew files, 6 featurettes
James Bond 23: Skyfall 2.23201216:9 / 2.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, comment tracks
James Bond 23: Spectre 2.2820152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, video blogs, gallery, trailer
Jerry Maguire 2.1819961.85:1TrueHDFIN, music video, comment track2, deleted scened, minidocuments, failed scenes, tv-spot
John Carter 2.1220122.40:1DTS-HD HR 7.1FIN, documents, deleted scenes, commentary
John Wick 1.4120142.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 2 h extras
Juno 1.3620071.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, cinnent track, failed scenes etc
Jurassic Park - 100th Anniversary 2.0719931.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, behind the scenes, 13 featurettes
Jurassic World 2.0420152.00:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes
Katyn 1.5720072.35:1DD2.0FIN
Kimi no na waYour Name1.4720161.78:1DTS-HD MA 5.1 JAPFIN
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Kingdom of Heaven - Director's Cut 3.0920052.35:1DTS-HDFIN, trailer
King Kong 3.07/3.2020001.77:1DDFIN, comment track, theatrical/extended versions
A Knight's TaleRitarin Tarina2.1220012.35:1DD 5.1FIN
Knight of Cups 1.5820152.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
L.A. Confidential 2.1719972.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, comment track, documents, musical track etc
La La Land  2.0820162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
La Piel Que HabitoIho jossa elän1.4020111.85:1DTS-HD MA EspFIN
The Lady 2.1220112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Ladykillers 1.3119551.33:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, introduction, commentary, document, interviews
Land of Mine 1.4020152.39:1DTS-HD MA DK/GERFIN
The Last of the Mohicans - Director's Definitive CutViimeinen Mohikaani1.5419922.40:1DTS-HD MAENG, featurettes, commentaries
The Lawrence of Arabia - Collectors EditionArabian Lawrence2.4419622.20:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Legends of the FallIntohimon tuulet2.1319941.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, deleted scenes, featurettes
Leon - Special Edition
 1.5019942.35:1DTS-HS MAFIN, theatrical and director's cut, featurettes, trailer
The Life of BrianBrianin elämä1.3419791.85:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents
Life of PiPiin elämä2.0620121.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, documents, image gallery, storyboard
Little Miss Sunshine 1.4320062.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents, image gallery, music etc
Lion 1.5820162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, music video, documents
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsPuuta, heinää ja muutama vesiperä1.4719981.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Lolita -19621.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (6BD+9DVD)Taru Sormusten Herrasta228/235/263 mins2001-032.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 26 hrs of documents
Los abrazos rotosSärkyneet syleilyt2.0720091.85:1DTS-HD MA ESPFIN
Lost in Translation 1.4220031.85:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, music video etc
Love - Angels and Airwaves 1.2420111.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Lucy 1.2920142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Mad Max Collection: Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome 1.33, 1.35, 1.471979, 1981, 19852.35/2.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Mad Max: Fury Road (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0020152.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, special features, deleted scenes
The Magnificent Seven7 rohkeaa miestä2.0819602.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, documents, trailers, images
Magnolia 3.0819992.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents, trailers and tv-spots
Manchester by the Sea 2.1720161.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, 3 deleted scenes, document
Manhattan 1.3619791.85:1DTS-HD MA 2.0FIN, trailer
Martha Marcy May Marlene 1.42201116:9DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Martian (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.2120152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Maze Runner 1.5320142.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 2.0920152.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN
M*A*S*HM.A.S.H. - Armeijan liikkuva kenttäsairaala1.5619692.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, documents, trailer, image gallery
Matrix 2.1819992.40:1DD5.1ENG, lots of extras
Matrix Reloaded 2.1820032.40:1DD5.1ENG, lots of extras
The Matrix Revolutions 2.0920032.40:1DD5.1ENG, lots of extras
Melancholia 2.1620111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary, trailer
Memento 1.5320002.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Memoirs of Geisha 2.0020052.40:1DD 5.1FIN, 11 minidocuments, galleries, comment tracks
Mercy 1.2520091.85:1DDFIN
Miami Vice
 2.1220062.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, featurettes, video
Midnight ExpressKeskiyön pikajuna2.0119781.85:1Dolby TrueHD 5.1FIN, comment track, image gallery etc
Midnight in Paris 1.3420112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Mission: ImpossibleVaarallinen Tehtävä1.5019962.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, photo gallery, trailers,
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2.0820112.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes, alternate opening
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 2.1220152.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentaries, documents
Millennium Trilogy: The Girl with Dragon tattoo - Extended Millennium EditionMiehet jotka vihaavat naisia3.0620092.35:1DTS-HD MA SweFIN, trailer, teaser
Millennium Trilogy: The Girl Who Played with Fire - Extended Millennium EditionTyttö joka leikki tulella3.0620091.77:1DTS-HD MA SweFIN, trailer, teaser
Millennium Trilogy: The Girl Who Kicked Hornet's Nest - Extended Millennium EditionPilvilinna joka romahti3.0620091.77:1DTS-HD MA SweFIN
Monty Python and the Holy GrailMonty Pythonin hylly maailma1.3219751.66:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
MoonKuu1.3320092.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Moonlight  1.5120162.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Mother! 2.0120172.39:1Dolby AtmosFIN, 2 documents
Moulin Rouge 2.0820011.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, trailers
Mulholland Dr.
 2.2620011.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Music BoxSoittorasia2.0819891.78:1DDFIN
My Blueberry Nights 1.3420072.35:1DTS-HDENG HOH, trailer, documents
NEDS 2.0420107.78:1DTS-HD High ResolutionFIN
The Neon Demon 1.5720162.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, behind the scenes, making of the music
The New World 2.5220052.35:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, behind the story, trailers
Niko - Lentäjän poika 1.2120081.85:1DD5.1FIN, documents, trailers
Nochnoy dozorNight Watch1.5920041.85:1Dolby TrueHD RUSFIN
Nocturnal Animals 1.5620162.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of
North by NorthwestVaarallinen Romanssi2.1619592.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, commentary + lots of extras
Norwegian Wood 2.1420102.35:1DTS-HD MA JAPFIN, documents
Nymphomaniac 4.01201416:9DD5.1FIN
Oblivion 2.0520132.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, deleted scenes, making of, music, comment track
Oblivion (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0520132.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents, commentary
Once Upon a Time in the WestHuuliharppukostaja2.4519682.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, documents, gallery, trailer etc
The Omega Man 1.3719712.40:1DDFIN, trailer, introduction, vintage featurette
El Orfanato
Orpokoti1.4220072.35:1DTS-HDFIN, lots of documents, teaser, trailer
Out of AfricaMinun Afrikkani2.4119851.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, document, trailer, commentary
Pacific Rim 2.1120131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 14 featurettes, audio commentary etc
Pan's LabyrinthEl laberinto del fauno1.5820061.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, comment tracks, documents etc
Pandorum 1.4820092.35:1DTS 5.1ENG HOH, documents, featurette, commentary, deleted/alternate scenes, still galleries
The Paperboy 1.4720122.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Patriot GamesNäkymätön Vihollinen1.5719922.35:1Dolby True-HDFIN, featurette, theatrical trailer
The People versus Larry Flynt 2.0919962.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurettes, deleted scenes
Phantom Thread 2.1020171.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Philadelphia 2.0519931.85:1DTS-HD MA 5.0FIN, documents, deleted scenes
Philomena 1.3720131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Pirates of the Caribbean: Four Movie Collection (5 disc) 9.572003-20112.35:1/2.40:1DTS-HD MA, DD5.1, DTS5.1ENG, lots of extras
Pitch BlackPimeän Uhka1.4920002.35:1DTS HD MAFIN, commentaries, documents etc
Point Break 2.0219912.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, additional scenes, 4 featurettes, theatrical trailer
Pour ElleKaiken se kestää1.3620082.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1 freFIN
Predator - Ultimate Edition 1.4719871.85:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, lots of documents
Pretty Woman 1.55199016x9DDFIN, blooper reel, documents, music video
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 1.5620102.40:1DTS HD MAFIN, document, deleted scene
Prometheus 2.0420122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment tracks, deleted/alternate scenes, Peter Weyland Files
Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution (Prometheus 3D, 9BD) -1979-2012-DTS-HD MA 5.1/7.1ENG HOH, 65 hours of documents
Quantum of Solace 1.4220082.40:1DTS-HDFIN, music video, trailers, crew files, 6 featurettes
Rambo: First BloodTaistelija1.3619822.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Rambo: First Blood Part II 1.3519852.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Rambo III 1.4119882.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Rambo 1.4920082.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Rare Exports 1.2220102.35:1DTS-HD MA FINENG
Ready Player One 2.1920182.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 90 mins of extras
Red DawnPunainen vaara1.3319842.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Requiem of a DreamUnelmien Sielunmessu1.4220001.77:1DDFIN, comment track, documents, deleted scenes, trailer
The Remains of the DayPitkän päivän ilta2.1419932.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, documentary, featurettes
Reservoir Dogs 1.3919922.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Resident Evil 1.3720021080pDolby TrueHDENG, alternate ending, commentaries, 12 featurettes, music video
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1.3420042.40:15.1 PCMENG, documents
Resident Evil: Extinction 1.3420072.40:1Dolby TrueHDENG, documents
Resident Evil: Afterlife 1.3720102.40:1DTS HD-MAENG, documents
Resident Evil: Retribution 1.3620122.40:1DTS HD-MAENG, documents
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 1.4620162.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Revenant 2.3620152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, document, gallery
Riddick 1.5920132.35:1DTS-HDFIN, lots of documents
Robocop 1.3819871.85:1DTS-HDFIN, trailers
Robocop 2.0020142.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, documents, trailers
Rock of Ages - Extended Edition 2.0320122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
To Rome with Love 1.5120121.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Rush 2.0220132.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, documents
Rööperi 2.0920092.35:1DD5.1 FINFIN/ENG, 756p raw cut, making of, interview, trailer
Salmon Fishing in the YemenRakkaudesta, unelmista ja kaloista1.4720112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Schindler's List - Definitive EditionSchindlerin Lista3.1519931.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, voices from the list, foundation story, 1.26 bonus features, photography book, companion booklet, art cards & more
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2.0220152.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurettes, gallery
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1.5420132.40:1DTS-HJD MA 7.1FIN, deleted/extended/alternate scenes, behind the scenes, gallery
Sense&Sensibility 2.1619951.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, 6 featurettes
Serenity - Limited Edition 1.5920052.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentaries, deleted&extended scenes, outtakes, documents
Shadow Dancer 1.4120122.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of, interviews
The Shallows 1.2620162.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, documents
Shaun of the Dead -20042.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
The Shawshank RedemptionRita Hayworthin Tapaus2.1819941.78:1DD5.1ENG, 4 hours of extra
Sherlock Holmes 2.0820091.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 2.0820112.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The ShiningHohto1.5919801.85:1PCMFIN, commentary, documents, featurettes, trailer
Shutter IslandSuljettu Saari2.1820102.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 2 documents
Sicario 2.0120152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Sideways 2.0320041.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, comment track, behind the scenes
Silent Hill 2.0020061080pDTS-HDENG HOH, making of, photo gallery, trailer, spots
Silver Linings PlaybookUnelmien pelikirja2.0220122.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes, documents
Sin City 2.0420051.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN
Sin City - A Dame to Kill For (3D) 1.4220141.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Skiptrace 1.4620161.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Slumdog Millionaire 1.55200816:9DTS-HDENG HOH, documentes, deleted scenes, short film, commentaries, trailer etc
Snatch 1.4320001.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, comment tracks, deleted scenes, making of, picture gallery etc
Spartacus 3.1719601.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Speed 1.5619942.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, commentaries, trivia track, documents, trailers
Spirited AwayHenkien kätkemä2.0520011.78:1DTS-HD MA JAP/FINFIN, comment treck, making of, trailers
Spring Breakers 1.3020122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Spy Game 2.0720012.35:1DTS-HDFIN
Stargate 2.1019942.35:1DTS-HDFIN
Steve Jobs 2.0220152.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentaries
Streets of Fire 1.3419841.85:1DTS-HD MANONE?, documents, press kit, music videos
Sunshine 1.4320071.85:1DTS-HDFIN, director commentary, deleted scenes, web diaries, another commentary
Stand By MeViimeinen Kesä1.2819861.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary, music video
Star Trek 2.0720092.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary
Star Trek Into Darkness 2.1220132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Star Wars - The Complete Saga (9BD)Tähtien Sota I-VI2.16, 2.22, 2.20, 2.05, 2.07, 2.151977-20052.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 3 disc of extras
Star Wars: Force Awakens 2.1620152.39:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, 1 disc of extras
Star Wars: Rogue One (3D) 2.1320162.39:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, 1 disc of extras
Starman 1.5519842.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN
Starship Troopers 2.0919971.85:1DTS 5.1FIN, teaser trailer, featurette, deleted scenes, screen tests, scene developments
The Sting 1.5119731.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
A Streetcar Named DesireViettelysten Vaunu2.0419511.37:1DTS-HD MA 1.0FIN, documents, trailers
Terminator 1.4819841.85:1PCM 5.1ENG, 7 deleted scenes, 2 documents
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day - Skynet Edition 2.16/2.33/2.3519912.35:1DTS-HD 6.1ENG, PIP, slideshow, commentary tracks, trailers, deleted scenes etc
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.17/2.34/2.3619912.40:1DTS-HD MAENG, documents, 2 commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers
Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines 1.5920032.40:1TrueHD 5.1FIN, commentary, storyboards, documentary, featurettes, deleted scene, terminatorvision
Terminator Salvation - Director's CutTerminator Pelastus1.5820092.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, Maximum Movie Mode
Terminator Genisys 2.0620152.39:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Thelma&Louise - 20-vuotisjuhlajulkaisuThelma ja Louise;2.0919912.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment tracks, 3 documents, extended ending, music video, trailer, tv-spots
There Will Be Blood 2.3920072.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
There's No Business Like Show BusinessRytmiä Veressä1.5719542.55:1DTS-HD MAFIN, trailers
Thin Red LineVeteen piirretty viiva2.44199816:9DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary, deleted scenes
Three Colours: BlueKolme Väriä: Sininen1.37199316:9DTS MA 5.1ENG, documents, trailer
Three Colours: WhiteKolme Väriä: Valkoinen1.31199416:9DTS MA 5.1ENG, documents, trailer
Three Colours: RedKolme Väriä: Punainen1.39199416:9DTS MA 5.1ENG, documents, trailer
Three KingsKolme kuningasta2.0419992.40:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, additional scenes, documents, 2 commentaries,
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyPappi lukkari talonpoika vakooja2.0720112.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, interviews
Tintin - The Secret of the UnicornTintin seikkailut: Yksisarvisen salaisuus1.4720112.35:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, lots of documents
Titanic 3.1419972.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 29 deleted scenes, 60+ behind the scenes, 1000+ images, 3 comment tracks, alternate ending etc
To Kill A MockingbirdKuin surmaisi satakielen2.0919621.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents (over 3 hrs)
Top Gun - Special Collector's Edition 1.5019862.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, coimmentaries, music videos, tv sopts, interviews etc
Total Recall 1.5319901.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 23 min document
Total Recall 1.58/2.1020122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, comment tracks
Trainspotting - Ultimate Collector's Edition 1.33199616:9DTS 5.1ENG HOH, lots of extras (120 min)
Transcendence 1.5920142.40:1DTS-HD MAENG, documents
Transformers - Two-Disc Special Edition (2BD) 2.2320072.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2BD) 2.3020092.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary, trailers
The Tree of Life 2.1820111.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Tron 1.3519822.25 & 1.78DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes
Tron: Legacy (3D)Tron: Perintö2.0520102.25/1.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, music video
Tuntematon Sotilas 2.5319554:3 B&WPCM 2.0 MonoENG, 4K restoration
Tuntematon Sotilas 3.0020172:35:1DTS HD MAFIN, documents, international version, deleted scenes, making ofs, trailers
Twister 1.5319962.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, documents, music video, trailer
Under the Skin 1.4820131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
UnderworldVarjojen valtakunta-2003--FIN
Usual Suspects 1.4219942.35:1DTS-HDENG HOH
V for Vendetta 2.1220052.40:1Dolby TrueHDFIN, documents, trailer
Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets 2.1720172.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Valkyrie 2.0020081.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Vamps 1.3320121.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Veijarit 1.4020102.53:1DD5.1 FINFIN/ENG, comment track, making of etc, trailer, teasers
Veronica Mars 1.4720142.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Vicky Cristina Barcelona 1.3220081.85:1DD3.0FIN
Wall Street 2.0019872.21:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN, commentary, introduction, deleted scenes, documents
Wallace & Gromit: The Complete CollectionA Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, A Matter of Loaf and Death1.50200816:9DD 2.0ENG SDH, commentaries, documents, picture gallery, trailer
The Way Back 2.1220102.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of, deleted scenes
Westworld 1.2919732.40:1DTS-HD MAENG
What Maisie Knew 1.3420122.35:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes, documents, audio commentary
Where Eagles DareKotkat kuuntelevat2.3419682.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, featurette, trailer
Wild at HeartVilli sydän2.0519902.35:1DTS-HD MA 5.1FIN
Winter's Bone 1.4020101.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, trailer, interview, document
The Wolf of Wall Street 3.0020132.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Wonder Woman (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 2.0220172.40:1Dolby Atmos-TrueHD, DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
World War Z 1.5620132.40:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN
The World's End -20132.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Y tu mamá tambiénAnd your mama too / Ja äitiäs kanssa1.4220011080PDTS-HD MAENG, lots of documents, soundtracks, trailers

HD Animated
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

Akira 1.59198816x9TrueHD 5.1ENG, trailers
The AristoCatsAristokatit1.1619701.66:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN, alt beginning etc
A Bug's LifeÖtökän elämää1.3519982.35:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, Ger's game, comment track
CinderellaTuhkimo1.1519501.33:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN, documents etc
Despicable MeItse Ilkimys1.3520101.85:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN
Despicable Me 2Itse Ilkimys 21.3820131.85:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN
Frozen 1.3320102.40:1DTS-HD MAENG HOH, commentary x3, documents, deleted scenes, trailer
Ice AgeJäätikön sankarit1.2120021.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes etc
Ice Age 2Jäätikkö sulaa1.2620061.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 1.3320091.85:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN
Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 1.2820121.85:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN
Inside OutMielen sopukoissa1.3120151.78:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FIFIN, documents, comment track, short movie
Kari-gurashi no AriettiKätkijät1.3420101.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, interview, music video, trailers, teasers, tv-spot
Kaze no tani no NaushikaTuulen Laakson Nausicaä1.5719841.85:1PCM2.0 JAPFIN
Kurenai no butaPorco Rosso/Punainen Sika1.78:119921.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, documents, storyboards, trailers, interview
Lady and the TrampKaunotar ja Kulkuri1.1619551.78:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN, deleted/alt scenesetc
The Lion King - Diamond EditionLeijonakuningas1.2819941.78:1DTS-HD MA 7.1 FINFIN, failed/deleted scenes, gallery, comment track, behind the scenes, music, sing-along etc
MinionsKätyrit1.3120151.85:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN
Monsters, Inc.Monsterit Oy1.3120011.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, Lintuset
Peter Pan 1.1719531.33:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN, documents etc
PinocchioPinokkio1.2819401.78:1DTS-HD MA ENG/FINFIN, comment track etc

HD TV Series
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength YearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
American Gods 7.4020171.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents (over 2 hrs)
Band of Brothers (6BD) 11.4420011.78:1DD+FIN, pip-comment track, interactive field guide, 80 min document, 30 min short movie
Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Original SeriesTaisteluplaneetta Galactica15.28, 8.021978,19801.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, commentary, deleted scenes, score, documents
Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Series (Seasons 1-4)Taisteluplaneetta Galactica12.34, 16.15, 15.54, 23.002004-091.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, lots of documents
The Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1-5 (10BD)Rillit huurussa5.57, 3.49, 7.51, 8.19, 8.212010-1216:9DTS-HD MA/DD5.1ENG, documents, gag reels
Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-5+Final (12BD) 5.46, 10.15, 10.12, 10.10, 6.14, 6.312008-1316:9DD5.1ENG/FIN lots of extras
Broadchurch - Seasons 1-3 13.39, xx, 6.112013-201716:9DTS 5.1ENG HOH
Bron - Seasons 1-3Silta9.40, 9.37, 8.48 2011-151.78:1DTS-HD MA Danish/SwedishFIN
Californication - Seasons 1-5 5.41, 5.37, 5.38, 5.39, 5.432007-20141.78:1Dolby True HDFIN
Collision - The Complete SeriesKetjukolari4.0020091.78:1DD 2.0FIN
Deadwood - Seasons 1-3 11.08, 10.18, 10.1120041.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Downton Abbey - Series 1-6 + The Finale -2010-151.78:1DTS-HD MA 2.0ENG, commentaries, deleted scenes, documents
Christmas at Downton Abbey -20121.78:1DTS-HD MA 2.0ENG SDH
Downton Abbey - Journey to the Highlands -20121.78:1DTS-HD MA 2.0FIN
Downton Abbey - The London Season 1.3220141.78:1DTS-HD MA 2.0FIN
Downton Abbey - A Moorland Holiday 1.3220141.78:1DTS-HD MA 2.0FIN
Falling Skies - Seasons 1-5 6.35, 4.20, 7.10, 8.24, 7.032011-151.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Fringe - Seasons 4,5Rajamailla15.54, 9.2320131.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentary, gag reel, unaired scenes
Firefly 10.252002-20031080pDTS-HD MAENG, documents, deleted scenes
Game of Thrones - Seasons 1-6Valtaistuinpeli56h2011-131.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, exclusive bonus features
Generation Kill (6BD) 7.4920081.85:1DD5.1FIN, documents, deleted dialogues, commentaries
Girls - Season 1 4.4820121.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted&extended scenes etc
Helppo elämä - kaudet 1-3 9.08, 8.20, 5.502009-101.78:1DD5.1 FINNONE
Heroes - The Complete Collection (18BD) -2006-20101.78:1DTS-HD MA 5.1ENG SDH, commentaries
Homeland - Seasons 1-6Isänmaan puolesta10.53, 10.28, 10.16, 9.43, 10.13, 10.002011-171.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, comment track, deleted scenes, season extension, recap
House of Cards - Seasons 1-3 11.12, 11.03, 11.3120132.00:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Hung - The Complete First & Second Season 5.02, 4.342009-111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentaries
ForbrydelsenThe Killing Trilogy38.402007-201216:95.1 DanishENG
Life on Mars - series one+two 7.52, 7.422006-071.78:1DD 5.1ENG SDH, documents, commentaries, music
Lost - Seasons 1-6 17.51, 7.51, 16.33, 17.51, 12.12, 12.362004-20101.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Luther - Seasons 1-4 5.45, 3.50, 3.50, 1.55201316:9DTS-HD MA StereoENG HOH
Mad Men - Seasons 1-7 11.14, 10.24, 10.00, 10.00, 10.17, 10.18, 5.32, 5.492007-1.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Masters of Sex - Season 1 11.1620131.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Mildred Pierce 5.4220111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Mr. Robot - Season 1 + 2.0 8.03, 9.5320161.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, deleted scenes etc
Outlander - Season One+TwoMatkantekijä7.38, 8.55, 14.0820141.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, deleted scenes etc
The Pacific (6BD) 8.5420101.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, profiles, making of, documents
Person of Interest - Seasons 1-2 16.45, 16.0320111.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Pillars of the Earth - Collector's Edition (2BD)Taivaan Pilarit-20101.78:1DD 5.1FIN, making of
Rome - The Complete Collection (10BD) 19.5120051.85:1DD 5.1FIN, 22 episodes, lots of extras
Sherlock - The Complete Series One & Two (4BD) 8.522010-1216:9DD5.1ENG HOH
Sherlock - The Abominable Bride 1.2920151.78:1DTS HD MA 5.1FIN
Solsidan - Season 5Onnea onkimassa3.40201516:9DD5.1 SWEFIN
Sopranos - The complete series (Seasons 1-6) 72.011999-20072.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 5 hours of extras
Tappajan näköinen mies 5.5220111.78:1DD 5.1 FINENG/FIN, 26 min documents
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 1 (3BD) 6.3220081.78:1DD 5.1ENG, commentaries, documents, rehearsal, gag reel etc
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2 (5BD) 16.1520091.78:1DD 5.1FIN, documents, gallery etc
Top of the Lake: China Girl 5.45201716:9DTS HD MAENG HOH
Torchwood (6BD) 1.3020061080iDTS HDENG HOH, declassified, commentaries, out-takes
True Detective 7.3720141.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
The Twilight Zone - Season 1Hämärän rajamailla16.0019591.33:1PCM Mono?, audio commentaries, pilot episode, interviews, 18 radio dramas, 34 music scores
Twin Peaks - The Entire Mystery 25.03 + 2.141990-914:3, 1.85:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, missing pieces
Under the Dome - Season 1 9.0020131.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Veep - Seasons 1-3Rouva varapresidentti3.40, 4.38, 4.4220122.40:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Vinyl - Season 1 10.1020161.85:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents, commentaries, inside the episode
Walking Dead - Seasons 1-6 4.53, 9.38, 11.38, 11.36, 11.45, 12.362010-20151.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, documents
Weeds - Season 1 4.4120051.78:1TrueHDFIN, 6 comment tracks, minidocument, failed scenes, music video, image gallery
Westworld - Season One: The Maze (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 10.1620162.40:1Dolby AtmosFIN, documents
Wolf HallSusipalatsi6.0020151.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN

HD Docs&Music
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength YearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
Baraka 1.3219922.21:1DTS-HD MA 5.1NONE, documentary, restoration document
David Gilmour - Live at Pompeii -2017-5.1-
Dream Theater: Live at Luna park 4.4720131.78:1DTS-HD MAENG
Eppu Normaali: Ratina 3.182016---
Eput elokuva 1.442016---
Frozen Planet (3BD) 5.4620111080i5.1 dts hdENG HOH
Home 1.3020091.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, making of
Human Planet (2BD) 6.3720111.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN
Imaginaerum 1.2620122.35:1DTS-HD MA 7.1FIN, trailer, making of, art
Iron Maiden: En Vivo! 3.42201216:9DTSHDENG, document "Behind the Beast"
Iron Maiden: Flight 666 2.2520092.40:1DTS HDENG, film & set live
Järven tarina 1.162016---
Life (4BD)Elävä Planeetta;9.4920091.78:1DTS-HD MAFIN, 10 episodes
Planet Earth (5BD) 9.5020061080iDD5.1ENG HOH
Planet Earth II (4K UHD + Blu-Ray) 5.1020162160pDTS-HD MAFIN, diaries
Metal EvolutionRaskaan rockin tarina8.15201116:9DTS HDENG
Metsän tarina 1.162016---
Nightwish: Showtime, Storytime (2BD, 2CD) 2.30201316:9DTS-HD MANone
Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit (2BD) 2.07+3.092016---
Peter Gabriel: New Blood - Live in London - 3D Triple pack 2.10201116:9DTS HD MA-
Peter Gabriel: Secret World live 2.15201116:9DTS HDENG
Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid 2.1819811.78:1DTS HD 96/24ENG
Queen: Live in Budapest 1.58198616:9DTS HD 96/24ENG
Rush: Snakes and Arrows 3+ hrs200816:9DTS HD-
Rush: R30 live concert+2 hrs2009---
Samsara 1.4220112.39:1DTS-HD MA 5.1 7.1NONE, 6 featurettes, footage and interviews, trailer and teaser
Sound City 2.3220131080pDD5.1ENG
Supervention 1.3920131.78:1DTS-HD MA 1.0FIN, documents
When We Left Earth - The NASA Missions 8.1220081.78:1DDENG, 6 episodes + 3 hours of bonus features
Wonders of the Solar System 4.53201016:9DTS HD 5.1ENG HOH
YellowstoneYellowstonen vuosi2.5920091080iDTS HD MAFIN

DVD Animated
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength Region+ colorYearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
Akira - the Ultimate Collection (2DVD) 2.04R2198816:9DD2.0FIN, digitally remastered and original feature, production report, manga previews
Alice in WonderlandLiisa Ihmemaassa1.12R219511.33:1DD5.1
AntzAntz - Muurahaizet1.20R219981.85:1DD5.1
FIN, audio commentary, behind the scenes, computer animation, antz characters and faces, trailer, 4-page booklet
Betty Boop and the Girls of Mischief 1.11R0 NTSC B&W20021.33:1DD2.0NONE
Bug's LifeÖtökän elämää1.31R219972.35:1DD5.1NONE, failed scenes, Geris Game
Chicken RunKananlento1.24R220001.85:1DD2.0 ENG
FIN, document, making of,director's comments, panic button, tv-spot, 2 trailers, 4-page booklet
Chicken Run / Galline in FugaKananlento1.24R2200016:9DD5.1ENG, document, making of,director's comments, panic button, tv-spot, 2 trailers, 4-page booklet
Derren Brown: The Specials (2DVD) 3.16R2200416:9DD2.0ENG HOH, episodes: Russian Roulette, Séance, The Heist, The System
Fantasia 1.52R219401.33:1DD50 ENG, DD20 FINFIN, Clair De Lune
Flushed AwayVirran viemää1.21R220061.85:1DD5.1FIN, snail extras
Futurama (Seasons 1-4, 15DVD) 4.38, 6.45, 7.50, 6.29R219994:3DD2.0ENG SDH/FIN
Futurama (Seasons 5-6, 4DVD) 9.00R22002-2003, 2010-20114:3DD2.0FIN, 26 episodes, comment tracks, documents, deleted scenes etc
Happy Feet 1.44R220062.40:1DD5.1FIN
Hoodwinked!Tapaus Punahilkka1.17R220051.78:1DD5.1FIN, making of, comment track, trailer
Hauru no ugoku shiro / Howl's Moving CastleLiikkuva Linna1.59R220041.85:1DD5.1FIN, interview, document, trailers
Kaze no tani no Naushika (2DVD)Tuulen Laakson Nausicaä1.52R219841.85:1DD2.0 JAPFIN, documents, trailers, story board comparison (112 min)
Kurenai no buta (2DVD)Porco Rosso/Punainen Sika1.33R119921.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, documents, storyboards, trailers, interview
Les Triplettes de BellevilleBellevillen kolmoset1.27R220031.78:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, teawser, documents, interviews
Lilo&Stitch 1.22R220021.85:1DD5.1*ENG
The Lion King (2DVD)Leijonakuningas1.25R219941.66:1DD5.1 ENG,FINFIN, 4 games, documents, making of, deleted scenes etc
Majo no takkyûbin (2DVD)Kiki's Delivery Service1.45R119891.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, introduction, storyboards, documents, trailerstd>
Mononoke HimePrinsessa Mononoke2.10R219971.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, featurette, trailer
Monsters, inc.Monsterit Oy1.28R220011.85:1DD5.1
FIN, For the Birds, scenes from the film, failed scenes, musicplay
Over the HedgeYli aidan1.20R220061.85:1DD5.1FIN, games, behind the scenes etc
Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushiSpirited Away/Henkien Kätkemä2.00R220011.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, trailers, tv-spots
Shaun the Sheep - Box 1 (5DVD)Late Lammas4.40R2200716:9DD2.0NONE
Shrek 1.30R2200116:9DD5.1
FIN, interactive games, interviews, comments, making of, dubbing, karaoke party, portraits
Shrek 2 1.29R2200116:9DD5.1
FIN, comments, techniques, animation, games etc.
South Park -Bigger, Longer and Uncut 1.21R1 NTSC1999wsDD5.1ENG, trailers
South Park - Vol. 2 1.352-619984:3DD2.0NONE, trailer
South Park - Complete First Season (3DVD) 5.04R2199716:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Second Season (3DVD) 6.51R2199816:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Third Season (3DVD) 6.17R2199916:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Fourth Season (3DVD) 6.20R2200016:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Fifth Season (3DVD) 4.57R2200116:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Sixth Season (3DVD) 6.16R2200216:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Seventh Season (3DVD) 5.29R2200316:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Eighth Season (3DVD) 5.02R2200416:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Ninth Season (3DVD) 5.01R2200516:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Tenth Season (3DVD) 5.08R2200616:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Eleventh Season (3DVD) 5.08R2200716:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Twelfth Season (3DVD) 5.08R2200816:9DD2.0FIN
South Park - Complete Thirteenth Season (3DVD) 5.08R2200916:9DD2.0FIN, deleted scenes, extended audio commentary
The Sword in the StoneMiekka Kivessä1.16R219631.33:1DD1.0
Tenkû no shiro Rapyata (2DVD)Castle in the Sky2.05R119891.85:1DD5.1 JAPENG, introduction, storyboards, documents, trailers
Toy Story 1.18R219951.77:1DD5.1 FINTin Toy Oscar, making of
Toy Story 2 1.28R219991.77:1DD5.1 FINLuxo Jr, funny stuff etcf
Valiant (2DVD) 1.15R220051.85:1DD5.1 ENG, FINFIN, trailers, interviews, funny stuff, behind the scenes etc
Wallace & Gromit: The Complete CollectionWallace&Gromit: Uskomattomat Seikkailut1.22R2-4:3DD2.0

DVD TV series
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength Region+ colorYearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
24 - Seasons 1-8 + Redemption
 135.37R22001-20101.77:1DD5.1/2.0ENG HOH, commentaries, deleted&extended scenes, alternate S1 ending, featurettes
Absolutely Fabulous - Series 1-5 (6DVD) 11.20, 4.00R21993-20014:3DD5.1FIN. ENG
Airwolf - Season 1 (4DVD) 9.24R219841.33:1DD2.0FIN
Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Seasons 1-2Alfred Hitchcock esittää14.00, 15.56R21955-574:3DD1.0FIN
'Allo 'Allo! - Series 1-9 (16DVD)Maanalainen armeija iskee jälleen7.29, 6.59, 11.00, 8.46. 7.06R21982-924:3DD2.0NONE/ENG/FIN, 12 episodes
Angels in America 5.37R220041.78:1DD5.1ENG, comment track, music videos, trailers, tv-spot, deleted scenes
Babylon 5 - Seasons 1-5
 15.22, 15.22, 15.14, 15.27, 15.30R21994-981.77:1DD2.0FIN, lots of documents
Bad Girls - Season 1 8.02R2199916:9DD2.0FIN
Bangkok Hilton 3.35R219894:3DD1.0FIN
Battlestar Galactica - the complete series (7DVD) 21.47R219784:3DD2.0ENG SDH, lost of extras
Black Adder - All Four Series (4DVD)Musta Kyy11.40R289-904:3DD2.0FIN
Black Books - Series 1,2,3 (4DVD) ?R22000?DD2.0?, commentaries, trailers, photo gallery, deleted scenes
Boomtown -R220021.78:1DD5.1ENG
Bottom - Seasons 1-3 2.25+2.54+2.54R21992-954:3DD2.0FIN
Clocking Off - Season 1 (2DVD)Tehdas5.15R22000?DD2.0?, photo gallery, episode synapses, biographies
Cold Feet - Seasons 1-5Rimakauhua ja rakkautta5.57, 4.58, 6.23, 6.21, 4.41R21996-200216:9DD2.0FIN
Coupling - Seasons 1-4Paritellen2.55, 4.21, 3.52, 2.53R1 NTSC2000-041.78:1DD5.1NONE, 6 episodes, behind the scenes, cast bios, photo shoot
Cracker - Seasons 1-3 (9DVD)Fitz ratkaisee6.20, 7.30, 7.40R21993-964:3DD2.0FIN
Cracker - Lucky White Ghost, Nine ElevenFitz ratkaisee4.13R220064:3/16:9DD2.0FIN
Crash - Season 1 10.50R220081.77:1DTSFIN
Creature Comforts -Season 1Eläimellistä menoa1.42R220031.78:1DD2.0FIN
Crow Road (2DVD) 4.02R2199616:9DD2.0ENG HOH
The Dead Zone - Complete Series Collection 54.23R22002-074:3DD2.0FIN, all 6 seasons, 5 behind the scenes, making the leap to HD, production design, tribute etc
ER - The Complete Series (48DVD)Teho-osasto235.57R21994-2009VariousVariousENG
Eureka - Season One (3DVD) 8.56R220061.78:1DD5.1FIN, 12 episodes, pilot with commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, Made in Eureka
Extras - Complete Series one and two (4DVD) 5.46R2200516:9DD2.0ENG SDH, outtakes, deleted scenes, art, featurettes, documentary
Fame - Series 1&2 (4+6DVD) 12.19+17.45R21982-19834:3DD2.0FIN, 16+22 episodes
Fast Show
- Series 1-3 (3DVD)
Ruuvit löysällä10.30R21994-20014:3DD2.0FIN
Frank Herbert's Dune: The Miniseries (2DVD)Frank Herbertin Dyyni2.40+1.52R220001.78:1DD5.1FIN, trailers, 2 documents, imagegallery
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2DVD) 4.26R1 NTSC20031.77:1DD5.1ENG, featurette
From the Earth to the Moon (5DVD) 10.55R219981.78:1DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, special effect, the History of the Moon, 6 promotrailers
Gilmore Girls - Seasons 1-7 (42DVD) -R22000-2007-DD2.0FIN
Green Wing - Seasons 1+2&special (8DVD)Vikatikki17.04R2200416:9DD2.0ENG HOH
The Godfather DVD Collection (5DVD) -R21972-1990--FIN, Behind the Scenes, Additional Scenes, Chronology, Family Tree, Photo Galleries, Theatrical Trailers, Acclaim and Response, Filmmaker Biographies.
Headhunters (2DVD) 7.30R2R220041.85:1DD2.0 FIN
Helsingin Herra
Uhan alla14.31R22005-061.78:1DD2.0FIN, deleted scenes, document, failed scenes
Isänmaan toivot
The IT Crowd - Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 (4DVD) 2.21, 2.24, 2.07, 2.20R22006-201016:9DD2.0ENG HOH
John from Cincinnati
 7.59R220071.77:1DD2.0FIN, 2 comment tracks, document
Ketonen & Myllyrinne (2DVD) 8.26R2200616:9DD2.0 FIN-
Ketonen & Myllyrinne - 2.tuotantokausi (2DVD) 3.04R2200616:9DD2.0 FINComment tracks, extras, making of
Kingdom - Seasons 1-2 (4DVD)Valtakunta9.33R219941.33:1DK DD2.0FIN
Kingdom Hospital (4DVD) 10.08R1 NTSC20041.78:1DSCC, commentary, documents, cast, featurettes, previews, essay
Kumman Kaa - Vol. 1 4.00R220031.78:1DD5.1 FIN-
Kumman Kaa - Vol. 2 4.40R220031.78:1DD5.1 FIN-
The Lakes - the complete first&second series (4DVD) 10.12R21997/19994:3DD2.0NONE, 1st episode commentaries
The League of Gentlemen - Series 1-3Herrasmiesliiga9.00R21999-20034:3, 16:9DD2.0FIN.
The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse 1.31R220051.85:1DD5.1ENG, making of, cast, diary, deleted scenes, out-takes, gallery, trailers, commentary
The Legend of EarthseaMaameren tarinat2.51R220041.78:1DD5.1ENG
Longitude 3.18R2200016:9DD2.0ENG HOH
Mad Men - Season 1 (4DVD) 10.16R2200716:9DD5.1FIN, documents
The M*A*S*H Collection, Seasons 1-11 + The Movie 105.00R21969-19834:3 / 2.35:1DD2.0FIN, commentary, featuretters, still gallery, trailer, documents
Tyttökauppiaat - Toinen kausi7.30R220104:3DD2.0FIN
Miami Vice - The Collection (2DVD) 4.38R219841.33:1DD2.0FIN
Miami Vice - Seasons 1-5 (32DVD) 17.46, 17.52, 18.33, 17.22, 17.38R21984-1.33:1DD2.0FIN, documents
Men Behaving Badly - Seasons 1-6 19.29R219924:3DD5.1FIN
Millennium - Seasons 1-3 (18DVD) 15.46, 16.36, 18.05R1 NTSC1996-19991.33:1DSENG
Minette Walters Collection: The Sculptress
Kuvanveistäjä2.58R2199616:9DD2.0ENG SDH
Minette Walters Collection: The Ice House
 2.51R2199716:9DD2.0ENG SDH
Minette Walters Collection: The Scold's Bridle
Häpeänaamio2.25R2199816:9DD2.0ENG SDH
Minette Walters Collection: The Echo
Kaiku2.22R2199816:9DD2.0ENG SDH
Minette Walters Collection: The Dark Room
Pimeä Huone2.28R2199916:9DD2.0ENG SDH
Mogadishu Avenue (3DVD) 5.20R2200616:9DD2.0 FINInterviews, gallery, trailers
Monty Python's Flying Circus - The Complete Series (4DVD) 22.05R219694:3DD1.0FIN
Murder One - Case 1 (6DVD) 17.15R219954:3DD2.0FIN, comment track, documents
Murder One - Case 2 (5DVD) 13.30R21996-974:3DD2.0FIN, documents
My Name is Earl
- The Complete Series (16DVD)
Kovan onnen kundi10.40, 9.32, 7.48, 11.35R22005-091.78:1DD5.1FIN
Nip and Tuck - Seasons 1-6
Muodon vuoksi10.08, 12.16, 11.30, 11.20, 10.01, 5.25, 13-04R22003-20101.85:1DD2.0FIN, documents
North & South (3DVD)Jaettu maa (1.osa)8.58R219851.77:1DD1.0FIN
North & South: Love and War (3DVD)Jaettu maa (2.osa)9.02R219861.33:3DD1.0ENG
Northern Exposure
- Seasons 1-6 (22DVD)
Villi Pohjola6.05, 5.13, 16.50, 18.30, 17.31, 16.54R21990-19954:3DD2.0NONE, deleted scenes
NYPD Blue - Seasons 1-4 (24DVD) 17.18, 16.40, 16.16, 16.00R21993-974:3DD4.0FIN, comment trackss, documents, image gallery
The Office - Seasons 1-2 2.53, 2.55R220021.85:1DD2.0FIN, music video, documents, deleted scenes
The Outer Limits - Season 01
Äärirajoilla15.32R219951.33:1DD2.0ENG HOH, documents
Oz - the Emerald City Collection (21DVD)Kylmä Rinki49.32R21997-20034:3DD2.1FIN, previews, deleted scenes, music video etc
Pasila - Kaudet 1-6 4.44, 5.31, 5.04, 4.04, -, -R22007-201316:9DD2.0FIN
Perfect Spy
 6.14R219874:3DD1.0ENG SDH
Pride and PrejudiceYlpeys ja Ennakkoluulo5.27R4199516:9DD3.0ENG SDH, Making of Pride ana Prejudice
Prime Suspect - Complete Collection (10DVD)Epäilyksen polttopiste24.48R21992-4:3 & 16:9DD2.0ENG HOH
Queer as Folk - Complete Series (3DVD)Älä kerro äidille5.30R2199916:9DD2.0FIN, 10 episodes
Robin of Sherwood - Series 1-3 (9DVD) 5.00, 5.50, 13.00R019844:3 (16:9)DD3.0NONE, commentary track, documents, making of, stills gallery
Six Feet Under - Seasons 1-5 (25DVD)Mullan Alla-R22001-20051.33:1, 1.78:1DD5.1FIN, documents
Scrubs - Seasons 1-9 8.40, 7.41, 8.05, 8.40, 8.23, 7.46, 3.45, 6.12, 4.43R22001-0916:9DD2.0FIN, documents, outtakes, deleted scenes
Skins - (Series 1-4)Skins - Liekeissä-R22007-16:9DD5.1ENG HOH, lots of extras
Secret Army - Seasons 1-3Maanalainen armeija13.52, 11.16, 11.40R21977-794:3DD1.0FIN
Smack the Pony - Seasons 1-3
Ponille kyytiä2.50, 2.48, 2.48R219994:3DD2.0FIN
Spaced - Seasons 1-2 2.50, 2.53R2199916:9DD2.0ENG, out-takes, trailers, commentary, bios, deleted scenes
Spooks - Season 1 (3DVD)Erikoisjoukkue6.00R2200216:9DD2.0FIN
Smiley's People (2DVD) 5.49R219824:3stereoENG sdh, interview
Solsidan - Seasons 1-4 (10DVD)Onnea onkimassa3.48, 3.38, 3.38, 3.40R22010-16:9DD5.1 SWEFIN
Sons of Anarchy - Complete Seasons 1&2 19.00R22008-200916:9DD5.1FIN, featurettes, commentary, deleted scenes, gag reels
Tahdon Asia 10.00R2200516:9DD2.0 FINFIN
Taken (6DVD) 14.45R220021.78:1DD5.1EXENG, Inside Taken (Disc 6)
Tankki Täyteen - kaikki halvalla(2DVD) 5.34R219784:3DD1.0 FIN-
Tell Me You Love Me
Sano että rakastat8.29R220071.77:1DD5.1FIN, 4 comment tracks
The Thick of It - Complete Collection (Seasons 1-4+specials, 8DVD)Politiikan nappula12.28R22005-1216:9DK DD2.0ENG HOH
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2DVD) 5.15R219804:3monoENG sdh
Twin Peaks - The First Season, Special Edition DVD (4DVD) 5.36R1 NTSC19904:3DTSNONE, interviews, Log Lady introduction to each episode, script notes, Wrapped in Plastic, The Official Twin Peaks Magazine
Two Pints of Lager & Packet of Crisps - Series 1-8 (16DVD) -R22001-200916:9DD2.0ENG HOH, documents etc
Ultraviolet (2DVD) 5.00R219984:3stereoNONE, screensaver, weblinks, trailers, stills, biographies
Velipuolikuu (2DVD) 6.37R219834:3DD1.0-
Veronica Mars - The Complete Series (18DVD) 42.48R22004-20071.78:1DD2.0FIN
We'll Meet Again (4DVD)Kunnes jälleen tapaamme11.40R219821.33:1DD1.0NONE
West Wing - The Complete Series (seasons 1-7) 112.00R21999-200616:9DD5.1ENG HOH, 44 DVDS, 5 hours of extras, 154 episodes
Wild Palms 4.34R219934:3DD2.0NONE
Will & Grace - Seasons 1-3 (xDVD) 8/9/9 hR21998-20004:3DD2.0FIN
The Winds of War (6DVD)Sodan tuulet15.20R219831.33:1DD2.0FIN
The Wire
Yes Minister
- Seasons 1-3(4DVD)
Kyllä herra ministeri3.20, 3.24, 3.23R21980-844:3DD1.0ENG SDH
Yes, Prime Minister
- Seasons 1-3(4DVD)
Kyllä, herra pääministeri3.55, 3.53, 3.23R21986-874:3DD1.0ENG SDH
The Young Ones - Seasons 1-2Älypäät2.40+2.40R21984-854:3DD2.0FIN

DVD Docs&Music
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength Region+ colorYearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
The 69 Eyes: Helsinki Vampires 1.49R2200316:9DD5.1FIN, 17 tracks, 8 videos, director's cuts, Moscow, photo gallery, interview, discography
Giuseppe Verdi: Aida 2.43R2-619814:3DD2.0 ITENG
Amorphis - Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes 4.28R2201016:9DD5.1NONE, 2 shows, video clips
Armin Only: Ahoy'2006 (2DVD) -R020074:3DD5.128 tracks, making of, interviews, 6 music videos, picture book, flyers, Armada, multi angle opening
Bond Special  R2    
The Blue Planet - a Natural History of the Oceans (3DVD) 8.08R0200016:9DD2.0ENG, 8 episodes, making of, ecological documentary, 5 minute theatrical short, interviews, photo gallery
Cara Dillon: Live at the Grand Opera House 1.24ALL2010-DD5.1-
Cara Dillon: The Redcastle Sessions 1.25ALL2008-DD5.1-
The Century of Warfare (8DVD) 24.27R2,419944:3DD2.0NONE
Club Classics (DVD+CD) 1.06R220024:3DD5.1-
Dragon's Lair gameR0 NTSC19831.33:1DD5.1interactive game
Dream Theater: live at Tokyo Sun Plaza 1.46R219954:3DD2.0NONE
Enigma - Remember The Future -R1-620014:3PCM stereo11 tracks
Eppu Normaali: Klubiotteella (2DVD) 5.00R22005-200916:9DTS/DD5.168 songs, documents
Faithless: Forever -R220051.78:1DD5.1Hexstatic Video-Mash-Up
Faithless: Live at Alexandra Palace 1.35R2-6200516:9DTS18 tracks, photo gallery
Frankie goes to Hollywood: Hard On 2.05R220004:3DD2.0Interviews, documents
Global Underground: Transmission00:1
Iron Maiden: The Early Years (2DVD) 5.15R220044:3/16:9DD2.0history part 1, documents
Iron Maiden: Live After Death (2DVD) 1.30+2.30R21984/20084:3/16:9DD5.1history part 2, behind the iron curtain, rock in rio 85, 'ello texas, gallery, promo clips
Iron Maiden: Visions of the Beast (2DVD) -R4----
Iron Maiden: Rock in Rio (2DVD) 3.15R0200116:9DD5.1*ENG, interviews, diary
Iron Maiden: Death on the Road (2DVD) 1.45+3.20R4200716:9DD5.1ENG HOH
Janet Jackson: Live in Hawaii  2.45R420024:3DTSdocument, photo gallery, concert programme, compilation
Joy Division 1.36R220061.78:1DD5.1FIN
Kanavalla Osa 118 Suomalaista Musiikkivideota-R2-16:9DD2.0-
Kiss: Kissology - The Ultimate Kiss Collection Vol.1 1974-1977 6+ hrsR0-4:3DD5.1/2.0ENG
Kylie Minogue - Live in Sidney 2.05R2-6200116:9DTSeng, backstage footage
KylieFever2002 - In Concert - Live in Manchester 2.50R0200216:9DD5.1*
Madonna - Drowned World Tour Live 2.05R2-620014:3DTSeng lyrics, photo gallery, web link
Madonna - Music (DVD Single) 0.092-620004:3DD2.0Music 4:26 and 4:44 versions
Madonna - the Video Collection 93:99 1.072-619994:3DD2.0 
Madonna - The Confessions Tour 2.18R2-520074:3DTSBehind-The-Scenes footage, photo gallery
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells II & III Live (2-sided) 2.05R2-619994:3DD5.1Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh Castle, Tubular Bells III at Horse Guards Parade, London
Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2003 DVDThe World's Biggest Dance Parties1.36All200316:9DD5.1ENG
Moby: Play (2DVD) -R42001?DD5.1Play videos, Moby's megamix, Give an Idiot a Camcorder, Live on TV Jools Holland, Choose Audio, Play the Computer
New Order Story 138 minsR2-52005-L-PCM stereoENG, 21 tracks
New Order - Live in Glasgow 3.37R2-52008-DTS+Rare and unseen footage
Nightwish - From Wishes to Eternity Live 2.30R0199916:9DD5.1interviews, off-stage footage, 2 music videos, photo gallery, discography
Nightwish - End of an Era (2CD+DVD) 2.40R0200616:9DD5.1ENG, document, photogallery
Pet Shop Boys Montage - The Nightlife Tour 1.50R220014:3DD5.1 
Phil Collins - Live&Loose in Paris 1.30R2-619974:3DD5.0eng lyrics, closed captions
Phil Collins - Serious Hits... live! (2DVD) 2.40R2-619904:3DD5.1eng (documentary), angles, stage construction, tour programme, photo galleries, interview
Phil Collins: Finally... the First Farewell Tour (2DVD) 11.54R2-6200416:9/4:3DD5.1ENG
Pink Floyd: Pulse (2DVD) 2.25R020054:3DD5.1screen films, bootlegging, photos etc.
Peter Gabriel: Growing up Live 2.11R2-6200316:9DD5.1ENG
Peter Gabriel: Play - The Videos 2.21R2-5200416:9DD5.1ENG, extras
Planet Earth (5DVD) -R2200616:9DD5.1ENG
Queensryche - Operation LiveCrime 1.44R220014:3DD2.02 hidden bonus tracks
Rammstein - Live aus Berlin -R0199916:9DD5.1*GER
Roxette: All videos ever made & more -R020014:3DD2.0english, The Making of Joyride document (50 mins), Really Roxette document (1 h)
Rush - R30 (2DVD, 2CD) 1.46R2200516:9DD2.0NONE
Sarah Brightman - Live From Las Vegas - The Harem World Tour (2DVD) 1.50All200416:9DTSMaking of, video tour, camera angles, photo gallery, quiz
Seal: videos 1991-2004 - minsR2-52004-Linear PCMENG, 10 tracks
Seal: Live in Paris (DVD+CD) 1.52R2200516:9DTS-
Sigus Rós: Heima (2DVD) 97+152 minsR02007-DTS97 min documentary film, 2hrs live performances + extras
Tangerine Dream - The Video Dream Mixes 1.00R4200116:9DD5.0-
Tina Turner - One Last Time 2.00R0200016:9DTSbackstage interview, behind the scenes footage.
Trenches: Battleground WW1 (5DVD) 7.25R220064:3DD2.0FIN, bonus DVD: Flanders fields, Heroes Perishing, The Big Picture
The Ultimate DVD Platinum (2DVD) --1999allDTSTest DVD
Underworld live: Everything, Everything -R2/4200016:9 anam.DD5.1 DD3.0extra tracks etc etc etc
Whitesnake - White Night in Russia 1.40R219944:3DD2.0NO
Within Temptation: Black Symphony 5.50R2200816:9DTSReport, docs, making of, music videos etc

DVD Movies
HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength Reg/colorYearPicture SoundSubtitles+special features
2 Days in Paris2 Päivää Pariisissa1.36R220071.85:1DTSFIN
8 Femmes - Special Edition (2DVD)8 Naista1.46R2200216:9DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, bloopers, interviews, posters, trailer, promo reel
8 1/2 2.12R219631.78:1DD5.1 ITAFIN, making of, trailer, missing end
9 Songs 1.06R220041.85:1DD5.1NONE, introduction, interviews, music only option
24 hour party people 1.52R2200216:9DD5.1ENG, commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, trailer, music videos
28 Days Later...28 päivää myöhemmin1.52R220021.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment tracks, 8 deleted scenes, alternate ending, making of, music video, image gallery, trailers
300 1.41R220062.40:1DD5.1FIN, comment track
1492 1492 Paratiisin Valloitus2.29R219921.33:1DD3.0FIN, cast presentation
1969 1.36R1 NTSC19891.85:1/4:3DD4.0ENG, trailer
About AdamIhana Adam1.32R220001.85:1DD5.1FIN, commentary, trailer, filmographies
Abre Los OjosOpen Your Eyes1.57R1 NTSC19971.85:1DD2.0 SPENG, cast and crew information, production notes
The Abyss
Special Edition (2DVD)
_2.20/2.51R419892.35:1DD5.1 FIN, original&special edition feature, trailers, behind the scene footage, time lapse segment, featurette, visual effects reel, Under Pressure documentary, multi angled pseudopod sequence, still photo gallery, cast bios
Addams Family ValuesAddams Family II1.30R219931.85:1DD5.1FIN, 2 trailers
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition 1.40R419942.35:1DTSENG, commentary, deleted scenes, featurette, trailers, biographies.
The African QueenAfrikan Kuningatar1.40R219511.33:1DD1.0FIN
Age of InnocenceViattomuuden aika2.12R219932.35:1DD5.1FIN
A.I. (2DVD)A.I. - Tekoäly2.20R220011.85:1DD5.1FIN, LOTS of extra features
Ai no korîdaAistien valtakunta1.38R219761.66:1DD2.0FIN
Ai no boreiIntohimon valtakunta1.41R219781.66:1DD2.0FIN
Akvaariorakkaus 1.34R219931.33:1DD2.0FIN, interviews, music video
Alfred Hitchcock: To Catch a ThiefVarkaiden Paratiisi1.46R1 NTSC1955wsDD1.0ENG, trailer, photo and poster gallery, featurettes, writing and casting, making of
Alfred Hitchcock: Strangers on a Train (2-sided)Muukalaisia junassa1.37/1.39R21951/1979FFDD2.0FIN, Two versions, trailer, behind the scenes
Alfred Hitchcock: Foreign CorrespondentUlkomaankirjeenvaihtaja2.00R219404:3DD1.0FIN
Alfred Hitchcock Classic CollectionMies joka tiesi liikaa, 39 askelta, Salainen Asiamies, Sabotage, Nuori ja viaton, Nainen katoaa, Jamaican Innin rantarosvot1.44R219421.33:1DD1.0FIN, 2 lyhytelokuvaa: Bon Voyage, Aventure Malgache
Ali G, Aiii 1.43R2200016:9DD2.0FIN
Ali G, innit. 1.30R220011:1.78DD2.0FIN
Alien Quadrilogy (9DVD) -R21979-1997--FIN, huge extras (36 hours).
Almost Famous - Untitled: the Extended cut(2DVD)Melkein Julkkis1.58R220001.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, deleted scenes, etc etc etc
Les Amants du Pont-NeufThe Lovers on the Bridge2.06R1 NTSC19912.35:1DD5.1 FRENG
Amazon 1.28R2199016:9DD2.0 FINNONE, trailer, interview, biography, image gallery
American PsychoAmerikan Psyko1.37R220002.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, 5 deleted scenes
An American Werewolf in London - 21. Anniversary Special EditionIhmissusi Lontoossa1.33R2/4198116:9DD5.1FIN, comment track, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, interviews, special effects, image gallery, booklet
And Now for Something Completely DifferentElämä on Pythonia1.25R219711.78:1DD2.0FIN
Angel-A 1.27R220051:2.35DD5.1 FRFIN
Angela's AshesSeitsemännen Portaan Enkeli2.20R219991.85:1DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, interviews, trailer,tv-spot, comments by Frank McCourt and Alan Parker
The Animatrix 1.29R220032.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment tracks, making of documents
Anna Karenina 1.51R1 NTSC B&W19484:3DD1.0NO11.10.2003NE, lobby poster, biography, interactive trivia, movie credits
Aprés VousTeidän jälkeenne1.50R220031.85:1DD2.0FIN
Armageddon - Special Edition (2DVD) 2.24R219982.35:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes, storyboards, trailer, teaser, tv-spots, music video etc.
Arvottomat 1.53R219821.85:1DD2.0FIN, trailer, interview, gallery, biography
As Good As it GetsElämä on Ihanaa2.13R219971.85:1DD5.1FIN, commentary, trailer, filmographies
Atlantis - Le creature del mareAtlantis1.15R219912.40:1DD3.0 FRFIN, trailer
AvengersMe Kostajat1.30R2 1.85:1DD5.1FIN, production notes
Babylon 5: In the BeginningTie Babyloniin1.31R2199716:9DD2.0FIN, PC extras
Backstage 1.52R220051.85:1DD5.1 FREFIN
The Beach 1.54R2199916:9DD5.1FIN, comment track, trailer, music video, deleted scenes, imagegallery, biographies
A Beautiful Mind - Awards Edition (2DVD)Kaunis Mieli2.10R220011.78:1DD5.1FIN, lots of extras
Before SunriseEnnen aamunkoittoa1.37R219951.85:1DD2.0ENG, trailer
Before SunsetEnnen auringonlaskua1.17R220041.85:1DD5.1ENG, Trailer, On the set
Bend it Like BeckhamParempi kuin Beckham1.38R220021.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailers, interviews, behind the scenes
Ben-Hur 3.34R219592.70:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, behind the scenes, cast selection, imagegallery, trailer
Betty Blue
Director's Cut
37°2 le matin2.58R1-6198616:9DD2.0 FRENG, 1 h extra footage, cast and crew notes, trailer
The Big SleepSyvä Uni1.50R219461.33:1DD1.0FIN, trailer
Blackout 1.41R2200816:9DTS FINFIN,ENG, deleted scenes, comment track, trailer, teaser
The Blues Brothers 2.22R419801.85:1DD5.1FIN, 55-min document "The Stories Behind the Making of The Blues Brothers", trailer, production notes
Das Boot 3.29R1 NTSC19811.78:1DD5.1ENG, making of/behind the scenes, director's commentary
Blood DiamondVeritimantti2.17R220062.40:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, trailer
Bodyguard 2.00R21992wsDD5.1FIN, production notes
Bond - Dr. NoTohtori Ei1.45R2196316:9DD1.0FIN, audio commentary, Inside Dr. Nodocumentary, Terence Young: Bond Vivant-document, 1963 Dr.No featurette, stills gallery, original TV ads, radio spots, trailers,Making-Of booklet
Bond - From Russia with LoveSalainen Agentti 007 Istanbulissa1.55R219631.77:1DD1.0FIN, comment track, document, image gallery, making of, trailers, tv/radio commercials
Bond - GoldfingerKultasormi1.50R1 NTSC1964wsDD1.0ENG, commentary tracks, Making of, documentary, behind-the-scenes, featurette, radio interviews, booklet, theatrical trailer, tv/radio spots
Bond - ThunderballPallosalama2.05R219652.35:1DD1.0FIN, documents, 2 comment tracks, trailers, tv/radio spots, image gallery
Bond - You Only Live TwiceElät vain Kahdesti1.52R219672.35:1DD1.0FIN, trailers, documents, storyboards, radiospots, comment track, booklet
Bond - On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceHänen Majesteettinsa Salaisessa Palveluksessa2.16R219692.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, documents, image gallery, tv and radio spots, trailer
Bond - Diamonds are ForeverTimantit ovat ikuisia2.00R2197116:9DD1.0ENG, documentary, deleted scenes, audio commentary, trailers, tv ads, radio spots, making-of booklet
Bond - Live and Let DieElä ja Anna Toisten Kuolla2.07R219731.77:1DD5.1FIN, trailers, documents, comment tracks, tv and radiospots, english brochure, on the site documents, image gallery
Bond - The Man with the Golden GunKultainen ase2.05R1 NTSC1974wsDD3.0ENG, commentary tracks, Making of, documentary, still gallery, tv ads, radio spots, making-of booklet
Bond - The Spy Who Loved MeRakastettuni1.50R1 NTSC1977wsDD5.1ENG, commentary tracks, still gallery, tv ads, radio spots, trailers, making-of booklet
Bond - MoonrakerKuuraketti2.02R219792.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, documents, image gallery, making of, trailer
Bond - For Your Eyes OnlyErittäin Salainen2.00R219812.35:1DD5.1FIN, 2 comment tracks, music video, image gallery, booklet, radiospots, trailer, storyboards
Bond - OctopussyMustekala2.05R2198316:9DD3.0FIN, audio commentary, documentaries, making-of booklet, trailers, music video
Bond - A View to a KillKuoleman katse2.07R2198516:9DD5.1FIN, audio commentary, documentaries, deleted scenes, making-of booklet, trailers, tv ads, music video
Bond - The Living Daylights007 Vaaran Vyöhykkeellä2.10R219872.36:1DD5.1FIN, documents, comment track, trailers, deleted scene, music video
Bond - License to KillLupa tappaa2.07R2198916:9DD5.1FIN, audio commentary, documentaries, featurette, making-of booklet, trailers, stills gallery, music video
Bond - GoldenEyeKultasilmä2.05R219952.35:1DD5.1ENG, english stereo commentary, 8-page booklet, trailer
Bond - Tomorrow Never DiesHuominen Ei Koskaan Kuole1.54R21997LB, 1.85:1DD5.1FIN, commentary, 8 page booklet,trailer, commentary track
Bond - The World is Not EnoughKun maailma ei riitä2.03R219992.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment tracks, documents, different angles, music video, trailer
Bond - Die Another Day (2DVD)Kuolema Saa Odottaa2.07R220022.35:1DTSFIN, comment tracks, M16 trivia track, 19 documents, 5 image galleries etc.
Bond - Casino Royale (2DVD)-2.19R220062.40:1DD5.1FIN, becoming Bond, JB for real, Bond Girls are Forever, Trailers, music video
Borat - Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 1.20R220061.85:1DTSFIN, 6 deleted scenes, documents
Bound 1.49R1 NTSC19961.85:1DD5.1ENG CC
The Boxer 1.49R219971.66:1DD5.1FIN, document, alternate ending, deleted scenes, production notes, biographies, trailer
Brazil 2.06R219851.85:1DD2.0FIN, trailer, document
The Bride Wore BlackMorsian joka pukeutui mustaan1.43R21968-DD1.0FIN
Brief Encounter 1.47R219454:3DD1.0ENG HOH
Cape Fear
 1.42R219621.85:1DD1.0FIN, making of, photos, trailer, prod. notes, biographies
Cape Fear
 2.02R219912.35:1DD5.1FIN, making of, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, photos, matte painting, trailer, prod. notes, biographies
Capricorn One  1.58R2 1978 4:3DD1.0ENG HOH
Casino 2.51R219952.35:1DD5.1ENG, production notes, cast&filmmaker's notes, theatrical trailer
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofKissa Kuumalla Katolla1.48R1 NTSC195816:9/4:3DD1.0ENG, , 4-page booklet, original theatrical trailer
Charade 1.531-6 NTSC19634:3DD1.0NONE
Chicago (2DVD) 1.49R220021.85:1DTSFIN, comments, trailer, tv-spots, b-roll, soundbites, behind the scenes, deleted scene
Children of Men 1.45R220061.85:1DD5.1ENG, documents, commentary, deleted scenes
ChocolatPieni suklaapuoti1.57R2199916:9DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, interview, 7 deleted scenes,production design featurette, cast&crew bios, The Pleasure of Chocolat,US TV Spot, Chocolat Costume Design
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2DVD) 2.17R220052.35:1DD5.1FIN, failed scenes, trivia, comment tracks, documents
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeVelho ja Leijona2.49R219884:3DD2.0FIN, image gallery
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn TraderPrinssi Kaspian ja Kaspianin matka maailman ääriin2.48R219894:3DD2.0FIN, image gallery
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Silver ChairHopeinen tuoli2.49R219904:3DD2.0FIN, image gallery
Chronicles of RiddickRiddickin aikakirja1.54R220042.40:1DD5.1FIN, virtual guide, logbook, facts, special effects, world of Riddick, trailers
Citizen Kane 1.59R2 B&W1941FFDD2.0ENG HOH
City of AngelsEnkelten Kaupunki1.50R219982.35:1DD5.1FIN, production notes, making Anglesdocumentary, additional scenes, Peter Gabriel and Alanis Morissette interview
La Cité des enfants perdus
, 2-sided
The City of Lost Children/Kadonneiden Lasten Kaupunki1.52R1 NTSC19951.85:1/4:3DD2.0 FRENG, commentary track, costume design gallery, theatrical trailer, production notes, talent files
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Collector's Edition (2DVD)Kolmannen Asteen Yhteys2.11R4197716:9DTSFIN, making of, featurette, deleted scenes, trailers, talent profiles, booklet
Cold MountainPäämääränä Cold Mountain2.28R220032.35:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes
Collateral 1.55R220042.40:1DD5.1FIN
The Commitments (2DVD) 1.52R219911.85:1DTSENG HOH, documents, featurettes, music video, 2 new songs, photo gallery, trailer, tv-spots etc
Conan the DestroyerConan Hävittäjä1.37R219841.33:1DD2.0FIN, sneak preview, cast&crew biographies
Condition RedHälytystila1.22R219954:3DD2.0 FINNONE, trailer, interview, making of, biography
Conspiracy TheorySalaliittoteoria2.10R21997LBDD5.1FIN, production notes
Control 1.57R220072.35:1DD5.1ENG HOH, commentary, documents, videos, photo gallery, trailer
The CountessKreivitär1.35R220092.35:1DD5.1FIN
a Countess of Hong KongHong Kongin kreivitär1.43R219671.85:1DD2.0FIN
Crow 1.31R1 NTSC19941.85:1DD3.0ENG HOH
Crow (2DVD)
Crow1.38R219941.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, extended scenes, behind the scenes, stills & montage, interview
 1.27R219974:3DD5.1FIN, cast, trailer, comment track
Damage 1.42R2199216:9DD2.0FIN
Dark PassagePimeä Käytävä1.42R219471.37:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, document
Dark Water 1.40R220052.35:1DD5.1FIN, documents, deleted scenes, interactive scene
Dead AgainMurha Menneisyydestä1.43R219911.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, trailer
Dead CalmRasvatyyni1.31R219892.35:1DD3.0FIN
D.O.A.Kuollut saapuessaan1.23R219504:3DD1.0FIN
Delicatessen 1.35R219911.85:1DD3.0 FRENG, director's commentary, making of, archive footage, teasers, trailer
Dementia 13 1.15R219634:3DD1.0FIN
Departed, The 2.25R220062.40:1DD5.1FIN, trailer
Desperately Seeking Susan 1.39R219851.85:1DD5.1FIN, alternative ending, director's commentary, trailer
Les Destinees 2.54R1 NTSC20002.35:1DD5.1 FRENG, audio commentary, trailers, filmographies, weblinks
Devil's AdvocatePaholaisen asianajaja2.18R219972.35:1DD5.1FIN, production notes, trailer, tv spots: Chance of a Lifetime,Never Lost, audio commentary by Taylor Hackford
Donnie Darko 1.53R1 NTSC20012.35:1DD5.1ENG, commentary track, deleted/extended scenes, cunning vision infomercials, the Philosophy of Time Travel book, website gallery, Mad World music video, art gallery, production stills, cast&crew info, theatrical trailer&spots
Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned Stop Worrying and Love the BombTohtori Outolempi1.30R2 B&W19631.66:1-1.85:1DD1.0FIN, filmography, trailer, poster and imagegallery
The Draughtsman's ContractPiirtäjän Sopimus1.48R2198216:9DD2.0FIN, deleted scenes, comment track, behind the scenes, interview
Dune (2DVD)Dyyni1.53R219842.35:1DD5.1FIN, Documents, promo film
The Eagle Has Landed Kotka on laskeutunut2.10R219761.85:1DD1.0FIN
Edward Scissorhands 1.45R1 NTSC19901.85:1DD4.0ENG, commentary tracks, featurette, concept art, theatrical trailer, tv spots
Enemy at the GatesVihollinen Porteilla2.05R420012.35:1DTS ENG, featurette, documents, additional scenes, trailer, biographies
Erin Brockovich 2.06R2200016:9DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, the real Erin Brockovich, trailer, 30 min deleted scenes, sountrack, filmographies
Evil DeadKauhun Riivaamat1.24R219811.78:1DD5.1FIN
Evil Dead 2 - Dead by Dawn 1.25R1 NTSC19871.85:1DD3.0NONE, theatrical trailer
Evita 2.15R1 NTSC19962.35:1DD3.0NONE
The ExorcistManaaja2.07R219731.85:1DD5.1 EXFIN, trailer, commentary track, 4 tv-spots, 2 radiospots
Exodus 3.19R219602.35:1DD3.0FIN, trailer
Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie PoulainAmélie1.56R2200116:9DTSFIN, comment track, trailers, teasers, making of, jokes, image gallery, storyboard
Fahrenheit 451 1.48R21966-DD1.0FIN
The Fall of the Roman EmpireRooman Valtakunnan Tuho3.00R219622.35:1DD1.0FIN, cast presentation
Fame 2.13R1 NTSC19802.35:1DD5.1ENG, commentary, making of, notes, trailer
a Farewell to armsJäähyväiset aseille1.28R219324:3DD1.0FIN
Fargo 1.33R2199616:9DD3.0FIN, Interviews, behind the scenes
A Few Good MenKunnian Miehiä2.13R219922.35:1MPEG2.1FIN, teaser trailer, featurette, on-screen trivia, sneak peek
Fight Club (2DVD) 2.13R419992.40:1DD5.1FIN, commentary track, music video, deleted scenes, interviews, bios, trailers, spots, art gallery, etc
Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within (2DVD) 1.42R220011.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailers, commenttracks, musictrack, easter egg, roughcuts selects, role presentations, vehicle comparison, editing workshop, document, minimovie, different opening sequence, manuscript, 3xdvd-rom etc etc
A Fish Called WandaKala Nimeltä Wanda1.48R419881.85:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, 8 page booklet
(The Adventures of) Ford FairlaneRokkidekkari1.37R419902.35:1DD2.0FIN, trailer
Four Weddings and a FuneralNeljät häät ja hautajaiset1.52R2199416:9DD2.0FIN, trailer, documentary
Fright NightKauhun Yö1.43R219852.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, filmographies
Frostbiten 1.38R220062.35:1DTSFIN, behind the scenes, trailers, teaser
The FugitiveTakaa-ajettu2.05R2199316:9 FFDD5.1FIN
The Full MontyHousut Pois!1.28R219971.85:1DD2.0FIN, trailer
The Game 2.02R219974:3 / 16:9DD5.1ENG
Garden State 1.42R1 NTSC20042.35:1DD5.1ENG, commentary, outtakes, bloopers, 16 deleted scenes, making of
Gattaca 1.41R1 NTSC19971.85DTSENG
Ghost 2.02R419871.78:1DD5.1ENG, featurette, commentary track, trailer
Gigi 1.41R219582.35:1DD1.0FIN, trailer
Girl, InterruptedVuosi Nuoruudestani2.03R219991.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, making of, deleted scenes,director's comment track, filmographies, menumusic, best of soundtrack
Gia 2.00R1 NTSC19984:3DD4.0ENG, cast&crew bios, photo gallery
Giant (2DVD)Jättiläinen3.13R219561.66:1DD2.0FIN, documents, images, trailers etc
The Girl on the Bridge
(La fille sur le pont)
Tyttö Sillalla1.28R219982.35:1DD5.1 FRENG, trailer
The GodfatherKummisetä2.48R219722.35:1DD5.1FIN
The Godfather Part IIKummisetä 23.12R219742.35:1DD5.1FIN
The Godfather Part IIIKummisetä 32.43R219902.35:1DD5.1FIN
Gosford Park 2.18R1 NTSC20012.35:1DD5.1ENG, commentary tracks, deleted scenes, making of, authenticity of GP, Q&A sessions
Grand Canyon 2.17R1 NTSC19912.35:1DD4.0ENG, featurette, trailer
Great Balls of Fire! 1.47R1 NTSC19891.85:1/4:3DD4.0ENG, trailer
Go 1.42R1 NTSC19992.35:1, fsDD5.1ENG, 14 deleted scenes, director&editorcommentary, 3 music videos, theatrical trailer, talent files
La Grande BouffeSuuri Pamaus2.05R219731.78:1DD1.0FIN
The Great Escape - Special Edition (2DVD)Suuri Pakoretki2.45R219632.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, documents, trailer, etc
The Green MileVihreä Maili3.01R519991.85:1DD5.1NONE, filmography
Guest House ParadisoHotelli Paradiso1.26R2199916:9DD5.1FIN, trailers, tv-spot, behind the scenes, game
Hamilton 2.02R219981.85:1DD5.1 sweFIN, trailer, behind the scenes
Heathers 1.59R1 NTSC19861.85:1DD2.0NONE, featurette/interviews, trailer
Heavenly Creatures 1.49R1 NTSC19942.35:1DD5.1ENG, trailer
Heaven 1.33R220021.85:1DD5.1ENG
HellL'enfer1.38R220052.35:1DD5.1ENG, trailer
Henry and June 2.11R219901.85:1DD3.0FIN, weblink, trailer, production notes, biographies
History is Made at NightHistoriaa Tehdään Öisin1.36R2199916:9DD2.0FIN
High Sierra 1.35R219411.37:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, document
(collector's edition)
 1.51R219861.85:1DD5.1FIN, cast, trailer, interview
Highlander 2: Renegade version 1.50R219912.35:1DD5.1FIN
Highway Society 1.30R220004:3DD2.0 FINNONE, trailer, interview, biography
The Hollow Man 1.53R1 NTSC20001.85:1DD5.1ENG, commentary track, isolated music score, making of, 3 deleted scenes, 15 behind-the-screen featurettes, VFX picture in Picture Comparisons, DVD-rom weblinks, theatrical trailers, Talent files, production notes
Hotel New HampshireKaikki Isäni Hotellit1.49R219841.33:1DD2.0FIN, trailer, actor presentation
The HoursTunnit1.51R220021.85:1DD5.1FIN, commentaries, documents, featurette
House of Sand and Fog
 2.01R220031.85:1DD5.1ENG, commentary track, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, audition tape, photo gallery
Human Traffic 1.31R2199916:9DD3.0FIN, cast presentation, trailer, music video
Huo Yuan JiaFearless1.39R2,420062.40:1DD5.1 CHIENG SDH
I Hired a Contract Killer 1.16R219901.85:1DD1.0FIN
Innocence 1.55R220042.35:1DD2.0 FRAFIN, trailer, interview, document
Insider, TheSisäpiirissä2.39R219992.35:1DD5.1FIN, 6 ,om making of
Investigating Sex 1.47R220014:3DD5.1FIN
Iron EagleRautakotka1.52R219851.85:1DD5.1FIN, filmographies
IrreversibleSyntiset1.33R220022.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, biographies, featurette
Jeanne d'Arc - the MessengerJoan of Arc2.32R219992.35:1DD5.1FIN, Making of, trailers, soundtrack, filmography
Jurassic Park III 1.31R220012.35:1DTSFIN, making of, special effects, ILM visit, behind the scenes, image gallery, trailers etc
K-Pax 1.55R220012.35:1DD5.1FIN, storyboard comparison, alt.ending, making of, audio commentary
Katsastus 0.56+0.55R2198816:9DD5.1FIN
The Kingdom 1.45R2,4,520072.35:1DD5.1FIN, commentary, documents, deleted scenes, timeline etc
KäkiKukushka1.39R220021.85:1DD2.0 fin/saame/russianFIN
La Femme NikitaTyttö Nimeltä Nikita1.52R219902.35:1DD3.0 FRFIN, trailer
La Vie d'Adèle
Adèlen elämä2.53R220132.35:1DD2.0 FR/Belg/EspFIN
Lapsia ja Aikuisia - Kuinka niitä tehdään? 1.36R220041.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, music videos, trailers, tv-spot, deleted scenes
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 1.36R220012.35:1DD5.1FIN, making of, birth of Lara Croft, stunts, special effect, games, comment track, 4 deleted scenes, alternate beginning, U2 Music Video + DVD Rom stuff.
The Last BorderViimeisellä rajalla1.31R2199316:9DD2.0 FINNONE, trailer, interview, biography, image gallery
The Last EmperorViimeinen Keisari2.40R219872.35:1DD3.0FIN, trailer, actor presentation
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenHerrasmiesliiga1.45R220032.35:1DD5.1FIN, 2 comment tracks
The League of Their OwnOmaa luokkaansa2.02R2199216:9DD4.0FIN, Behind the scenes, interviews,28 min document, music video, filmographies and trailers.
Legends of the FallIntohimon Tuulet2.08R219941.85:1DD5.1FIN, making of, interviews, filmographies, comments, deleted scenes, soundtrack
Le Pacte Des LoupsSusien Klaani2.17R2200116:9DTSFIN, trailer, tv-spot, interviews, 4 short clips
Les AmantsYö kuuluu rakkaudelle1.27R219582.35:1DD2.0FIN
Les VisiteursVierailijat1.42R219932.35:1DD3.0 FRFIN
Legally Blonde 1.36R1 NTSC20012.35:1DD5.1ENG, deleted scenes, 2 featurettes, 2 audio commentaries, music video, trivia track, trailer
Leningrad Cowboys go America 1.16R219891.85:1DD2.0 FINFIN
Levottomat 1.46R1-620001:1.85DD5.1 FINFIN, deleted scenes, interviews, comment track, trailers, imagegallery
Life is BeautifulKaunis Elämä1.51R219991.85:1DD5.1FIN
Life Less OrdinaryEpätavallista Elämää1.43R1 NTSC19972.35:1DD3.0ENG, theatrical trailer
Little Children 2.11R220062.35:1DD5.1FIN
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsPuuta, Heinää ja Muutama Vesiperä??R1 NTSC19981.85:1DD5.1ENG
Lost in Translation 1.37R220031.85:1DD5.1FIN, documents, deleted scenes, music video, trailer
Lost SoulsKadotetut Sielut1.33R220001.85:1DTSFIN, comment track, 10 deleted scenes, trailer, biographies
Mademoiselle 1.16R220011.85:1DD2.0 FRFIN
Madonna - Truth or Dare 2.00R1 NTSC1991ws, stDD5.1ENG CC, production notes, trailer english hearing
Mad Max 3: Beyond ThunderdomeMad Max - Ukkosmyrsky1.42R219852.35:1DD5.1FIN, production notes, trailer
The March of the Penguins 1.25R220051.85:1DD5.1ENG, documents, cartoon, trailer
Maltese FalconMaltan Haukka1.37R219411.33:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, becoming attractions,the Trailers of Humphrey Bogart
The Man Who Loved WomenMies joka rakasti naisia1.54R21977-DD1.0FIN
The Man Who Wasn't ThereMies joka ei ollut siellä1.52R220041.85:1DD5.1FIN
The Manchurian CandidateMantsurian Kandidaatti2.01R219621.78:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, interviews, comment track
Match Point 2.06R220051.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer
The Matrix 2.11R219992.35:1DD5.1FIN, making of, follow the white rabbit, filmographies + DVD-ROM stuff
Matrix Revisited 2.03R219991.33:1DD5.1FIN, sequel preview, interviews, Animatrix, fan opinions, Yuen Wo Ping's Blocking Tapes, secret scenes, trailer
The Matrix Reloaded (2DVD) 2.02R220032.40:1DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes etc etc
Mauvaise PasseSeuralainen1.40R219991.85:1DD2.0FIN
Meet the Parents - Ultimate Special Edition 1.43R220001.85:1DD5.1ENG, deleted scenes, out takes, cat tricks, document
Meet the Fockers - Ultimate Special Edition 1.50R220041.85:1DD5.1ENG, commentary, deleted scenes, documents, bloopers
Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilKeskiyö Hyvän ja Pahan Puutarhassa2.29R21997FFDD5.1FIN, production notes, trailer music promo
Miehen työ 1.38R220071.78:1DD5.1 FINFIN/ENG, trailer, photos
Mies Vailla Menneisyyttä 1.33R1-620021.85:1DD5.1 FINENG, trailers
Minority Report (2DVD) 2.21R220022.40:1DTSFIN, trailer, biographies, documents (lots of) etc etc etc
Mississippi MermaidMississipin velho1.58R21969-DD1.0FIN
Monty Python's the Meaning of Life 1.43R219831.85:1DD2.0FIN
The Mothman Prophecies 1.59R1 NTSC200216:9/4:3DD5.1ENG, music video, trailer
Mùi du du xanh - L'odeur de la papaye verteVihreän Papaijan Tuoksu1.39R219931.66:1DD2.0 VIETNAMFIN
Mulholland FallsMulhollandin Putous1.43R219961.85:1DD5.1FIN
Musta jää 1.39R220072.35:1DD5.1 FINFIN/ENG, trailers, music video, 3 making of docs
My Fair Lady 2.46R219641.3:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, commentary by restoration team, Hepburn's two songs
Nathalie... 1.41R220032.35:1DD5.1 FRFIN
National Lampoon's Animal House - Special EditionDelta Jengi1.44R219781.85:1DD5.1FIN, documents, trailer, music video
Near Dark (2DVD) 1.34R1 NTSC19871.85:1DTSENG, documentary, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers, original storyboards, poster&still gallery, behind-the-scenes gallery, talent bios, dvd-rom extras
NegotiatorNeuvottelija2.14R219982.35:1DD5.1FIN, production notes, trailer, music promo
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterPainajainen Elm Streetillä 4: Unien Valtias1.30R219881.85:1DD5.1 FIN, minidocument, trailer+misc
Ninth GateYhdeksäs Portti2.08R2199916:9DD5.1FIN, behind the scenes, text alignment
Notting Hill Collector's Edition 2.04R1 NTSC19992.35:1DD5.1ENG HOH, trailer, behind-the-scenes documentary
The Notorious Betty Page 1.30R220051.85:1DD5.1ENG HOH, commentary, short film, interviews, trailer
Nousukausi 1.35R220031.85:1DD5.1ENG, comment track, making of, trailer, tv-spots, music video
Nóz w wodzieVeitsi Vedessä/Knife in the Water1.31R219621.33:1DD1.0FIN
Nurse Betty 1.50R220002.35:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes, interviews, trailer, tv-spot, 2 comment tracks, 9 soap operas
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Special Edition (2DVD)
Voi veljet, missä lienet?1.43R2200016:9DD5.1ENG, cast and crew interviews, music video, painting with pixels, production featurette, storyboard to scene comparison (multi-angle), making of, original trailer, tv spots
Office Space
Konttorirotat1.25R219991.85:13DD5.1FIN, trailer
Once Upon a Time in the West (2DVD)Huuliharppukostaja2.39R219682.35:1DD5.1ENG, comment track, documentaries, featurette, stills gallery, trailer, cast profiles
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestYksi lensi yli käenpesän2.08R219751.85:1DD3.0FIN, production notes
One Hour Photo 1.32R220021.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailers
The Others 1.40R220011:1.78DTSFIN, behind the scenes, document, featurette, trailer, photo album
Pan's Labyrinth 1.58R2200616:9DD5.1 SPAENG, commentary
Panic Room 1.47R220022.40:1DD5.1FIN, filmographies, teaser
Papillon 2.25R219731.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, document, soundtrack (3.0 LCR), filmographies
Paris, je t'aimePariisi rakkaudella1.56R220061.85:1DTSFIN, trailer
Pelican Brief (2-sided)Pelikaanimuistio2.15R21993LBDD5.1FIN, production notes, trailers
Pearl Harbor - 2-Disc Edition (2DVD) 2.54R220012.35:1DD5.1FIN, making of, japanese perspective, music video, trailer
Perfect Storm Meren Raivo2.05R220002.35:1DD5.1 EXFIN, trailer, 3 behind the scenes-documents, 2 comment tracks, Yours Forever-gallery, schemegallery
Petites CoupuresPieni viilto vain1.39R220031.85:1DD5.1 FREFIN
The Pillow Book 2.06R1 NTSC19964:3DD2.0
ENG, trailer
Plunkett & Macleone 1.41R219992.35:1DD5.1ENG, trailer,interviews with cast and crew (10 mins)
Postman (2-sided)Postman -Tulevaisuuden Sanansaattaja2.50R21997LBDD5.1FIN, production notes, trailers
A Prairie Home CompanionRobert Altmanin huonot vitsit1.48R220062.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, preview
Predator 2 - Special Edition (2DVD) 1.48R1 NTSC19901.85:1DD5.1ENG, commentaries, documents, featurettes, gallery etc
Pretty Woman 1.55R219901.85:1DD5.1ENG, trailer, featurette, music video, commentary
Primary ColorsPäävärit2.17R219972.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer
QuillsQuills - Syntiset Säkeet1.59R220001.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, original trailer, tv spot, 16 pages extra information, imagegallery, etc.
Queen of the DamnedKadotettujen Kuningatar1.38R220022.35:1DD5.1FIN, documents, comment track, extra scenes, music videos, failed scenes, trailer
Raid 2.02R220031.85:1DD2.0FIN, making of, introduction, music video, trailer
Re-Animator (2DVD) 1.26R219851.85:1DTSNONE, lots of documents (3.15 h)
Reality Bites 1.35R219941.85:1DD5.1FIN
Red PlanetPunainen Planeetta1.43R220002.35:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes
La RepetitionRoolipeli1.36R2200116:9DD2.0 FRFIN
Requiem For a DreamUnelmien Sielunmessu1.42R2200016:9DD5.1FIN, cast presentation, document, director talks, trailer, tv-spot, 9 deleted scenes
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1.30R2,4,520042.40:1DD5.1ENG, comment tracks, deleted scenes, featurettes, making of, gallery, trailers
Right Stuff (2-sided)Valiojoukko3.13R1 NTSC1983wsDD5.1ENG, production notes, trailer, special effects (10:00)
The Ring 1.50R2,520021.85:1DD5.1FIN
Les Rivières pourpres (Crimson Rivers) (2DVD)Purppuravirrat1.41R220002.35:1DD5.1 FRFIN, trailer, comment track, music track, documents, 12 short clips, 2 marketing clips, filmographies
The Rock - Special EditionThe Rock - Paluu Helvettiin2.11R219962.35:1DD5.1FIN, teaser trailer, featurette, on-screen trivia, sneak peek
Rocky 1.54R219761.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, documents, trailers, tv-spots, hidden bonus
Roger Dodger 1.41R220021.78:1DD5.1FIN
Roman HolidayLoma Roomassa1.58R1 NTSC B&W1953fsDD1.0ENG, documentary, featurette2, photo galleries, trailers
Romance 1.34R219991.78:1DD2.0 FRAFIN
Romancing the StoneVihreän Timantin Metsästys1.41R219842.35:1DD2.0FIN, trailer
Romeo Must Die Romeon On Kuoltava1.41R220002.35:1DD5.1FIN trailers, 13 documents behind the scenes,3 musicvideos, filmographies, interactive combatcompetition
Run Lola Run 1.21R1 NTSC1999ws, fsDD5.1ENG, production notes, music video,director and lead actress commentary, talent files, theatrical trailers
Sabrina 1.49R21954full frameDD1.0FIN, Sabrina documentary, Photo Gallery
Scarface (2DVD)Arpinaama2.44R219832.35:1DTSFIN, documents, deleted scenes, tv-versio, trailers, Def Jam
Schindler's List (2DVD)Schindlerin Lista3.07R2,519931.85:1DTSFIN, documents
Se7en: Special Edition (2DVD) 2.02R2199516:9DTS ES Discreet 6.1ENG, opening sequence, deleted scenes&extended takes, alternate ending, production designs, stills, notebooks, promotional material, filmographies, mastering for home theatre: 163 min approx
SeomThe Isle1.30R220004:3DD5.1 KORFIN, trailers, making of, music video
Sex is comedy 1.31R220021.78:1DD2.0 FRAFIN
Serenity 1.54R2,420052.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, deleted scenes, future history, anatomy, re-activation, travel document
Shakespeare in LoveRakastunut Shapespeare2.02R1 NTSC19992.35:1DD5.1ENG, production notes, theatrical trailer
Shallow GraveMurhaleikki1.29R219941.78:1DD5.1FIN, trailers
Shipping NewsLaivauutisia1.46R220012.40:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, comment track, featurette
The ShiningHohto1.55R219801.33:1DD5.1FIN, Making of document, trailer
Shortbus 1.37R220061.85:1DD5.1FIN, talent files, deleted scenes, trailer
Short CutsOikopolkuja3.00R219932.35:1DD5.1ENG
The Silence of the Lambs
Special Edition (2DVD)
Uhrilampaat1.53R219911.85:1DD5.1FIN, 2 documents, deleted scenes, failed scenes, imagegallery, tv-spots and trailers, Hannibal-trailer, Anthony Hopkins phonemessage
Sisarelleni / Himon anatomia 82/73 minR22001/20041.78:1DD2.0FIN
the Sixth SenseKuudes Aisti1.43R219991.85:1DD5.1ENG, storyboard to film comparison, the cast, music and sound design, researching the audience, rules andclues, deleted scenes, conversion with M. Night Shyamalan, publicity,filmmaker/Cast biographies
Sleeping with the EnemyVihollinen Vuoteessani1.34R219911.85:1DD2.0FIN, trailer, five minivideos
Sliding Doors 1.35R219981:2.35DD2.0FIN
Solyaris - The Criterion Collection (2DVD) 2.49R1 NTSC19722.35:1DD1.0ENG, comment track, interviews, deleted/alternate scenes, etc etc
Solaris 1.34R220022.35:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, 2 documents, manuscript
Some Kind of WonderfulJännät suhteet1.31R219871.78:1DD5.1ENG
Some Like It HotPiukat paikat1.57R419591.78:1DD5.1FIN, documents, featurette, virtual hall, book gallery, 6 original trailers
Spartacus 3.09R419602.35:1DD5.1FIN
Stalker (2DVD) 1.03R219794:3DD5.1 RusFIN, stills, cast&crew, interviews, diploma
Stargate - Director's Cut 2.04R219942.35:1DTSFIN, trailer, photo gallery, audio commentary, promo reel
Starship Troopers - Special EditionUniversumin Sotilaat2.05R219971.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, featurette, deleted scenes, screen tests, director's audio commentary, scene developments
The StingPuhallus2.04R219731.85:1DD1.0FIN, notes, comments
Strange Days 2.25R1 NTSC19952.35:1DD5.1ENG, trailer, teaser trailer, 2 additional scenes, discussion of Opening Sequence by Kathryn Bigelow
Streets of Fire
Liekehtivät Kadut1.30R219841.33:1DD3.0FIN, trailer
Sunset Boulevard - Special Collectors Edition 1.50R1 NTSC B&W1950FSDD1.0ENG, commentary, making of, trailer, map, photos, prologue, featurettes
Swimming Pool 1.43R1 NTSC20031.85:1DTSENG
The Taming of the ShrewKuinka Äkäpussi Kesytetään1.57R219672.35:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, making of-document and filmographies
Taxi 1.26R2199816:9 anam.DD3.0 FRFIN, Interviews, behind the scenes
The Terminator
Special Edition (2DVD)
The Terminator - Tuhoaja1.43R219841.85:1DD5.1FIN, documents, trailers, tv-spots, script, production images, etc etc
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Special Edition (2DVD)
 2.24R1 NTSC19912.35:1DTS ESENG, audio commentary track, other side full of extras, aluminium case
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Extreme DVD (2DVD)
 2.22R1 NTSC19912.35:1DD5.1 EXENG, includes HDTV (1920x1080) version, THX optimizer, documents etc
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
- Ultimate 3 disc edition (3DVD)
 2.11/2.27R219912.35:1DD5.1FIN, 32-page book, manuscript, making of etc etc etc
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Koneiden kapina1.49R2,520032.40:1DD5.1FIN, comments, trailers etc etc
Thelma & Louise 2.04R219912.35:1DD5.1FIN, alternative ending, commentaryby Ridley Scott, theatrical trailer, 8 page booklet
The ThingThe Thing - "Se" Jostakin1.44R219822.35:1DD5.1FIN, Making of, 2 comment tracks, background information,production images, production plan, failed shots, trailer, etc etc
Thin Red LineVeteen Piirretty Viiva2.50R1 NTSC19982.35:1DD5.1ENG, melanesian songs
The Third ManKolmas Mies1.45R219494:3DD1.0FIN
They Drive by NightHe ajavat öisin1.31R219401.37:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, document, musical
To Have and Have NotKirjava Satama1.36R219441.37:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, documents
The Treasure of the Sierra MadreSierra Madren aarre2.01R219481.37:1DD1.0FIN, trailer, document, comment track
Three Colours: BlueKolme Väriä: Sininen1.40R2199316:9DD5.1 FRENG, interviews, excerpts from soundtrack, theatrical trailer
Three Colours: WhiteKolme Väriä: Valkoinen1.28R2199316:9DD5.1 FRENG, making of documentary, interviews, excerpts from soundtrack, theatrical trailer
Three Colours: RedKolme Väriä: Punainen1.35R2199416:9DD5.1 FRENG, making of documentary, interviews, excerpts from soundtrack, theatrical trailer
The Thirty-Nine Steps 1.39R2197816:9DD5.1FIN
Time to Kill (2-sided)On Aika Tappaa2.23R21996wsDD5.1FIN, production notes, trailers
Trainspotting - the Definitive Edition (2DVD) 1.30R2199516:9, 4:3DTSENG, look/sound of film, interviews, origins, documents, commentary, 9 deleted scenes, photo gallery etc
Tulitikkutehtaan Tyttö
 1.06R219901.78:1DD1.0 FINFIN/ENG
Tracks 1.48R220132.35:1DD5.1FIN
Two Women 1.33R1 NTSC B&W19604:3DD1.0 ITENG, lobby poster, biography, interactive trivia, movie credits
The Unbearable Lightness of BeingOlemisen Sietämätön Keveys2.53R1 NTSC19881.85:1DD5.1ENG, trailer
Under the SkinIhon alla1.19R219971.66:1DD2.0FIN, shortfilm "Fever"
UnfaithfulKohtalokas Syrjähyppy1.58R220021.85:1DD5.1FIN, comment tracks, alternate ending, 11 deleted scenes, 5 documents, interviews, trailer
The UntouchablesLahjomattomat1.55R419872.35:1DD5.1ENG, trailer
U.S.Marshals - Special Edition (2-sided)Takaa-ajajat2.06R219981.85:1DD5.1FIN, production notes, anatomy of the plane crash
Vanilla Sky 2.10R220011.78:1DD5.1FIN, comment track, two minidocuments, music video, teaser, trailer, imagegallery
VidocqVidocq ja Neitsytmurhat1.35R220011.85:1DTSFIN, commentary track, making of, interview, trailer
Virgin Suicides 1.37R2199916:9DD3.0FIN, actors presentation, trailer, image gallery
Waking the Dead 1.41R219991.85:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, deleted scenes, comment track
War of the RosesRuusujen Sota1.49R219891.85:1DD2.0FIN, trailer
Waterworld 2.16R1 NTSC19951.85:1DTSNONE
The Weight of Water 1.54R220004:3DD5.1FIN
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 2.11R1 NTSC B&W1966ws, stDD1.0ENG, black and white, production notes
Who's That Girl 1.30R219871.77:1DD5.1ENG
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Special EditionKuka viritti ansan, Roger Rabbit?1.40R219881.85:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scene, documents.
Ying XiongHero1.34R220022.35:1DD5.1FIN, trailer, document, B-roll, interviews
Young Adam 1.34R220031.78:1DD5.1FIN, commentary, making of, biographies, narration, soundtrack, trailer
Young Love 1.50R1-620011.85:1DD5.1 FINENG, document, deleted scenes, music video, trailer
Y Tu Mamá TambiénJa äitiäs kans1.45R1 NTSC20011.85:1DD5.1 SPENG, short film, deleted scenes, making of, audio commentary, tv spot, theatrical trailer

HD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music
DVD: Movies Animated TV Docs&Music - HD DVD

NameFIN NameLength YearPicture LanguagesSpecial features
12 Monkeys 2.0919951.85:1DD Plus 5.1FIN, 1.30 h documents
300 1.5620062.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+FIN, blue-screen comparison, extra scenes, documents, game etc
An American Werewolf in London 1.3719811.85:1DD5.1FIN, making of, commentary, documents, outtakes, storyboards, photographs
Apollo 13 2.0319952.35:1DD+FIN, comment tracks, documents
The Atonement 1.5820071.85:1DD5.1FIN, deleted scenes, documents, commentary
Batman Begins 2.2020042.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+ENG, lots of special features
The Big Lebowski 1.5719981.85:1DD+FIN, special introduction, photographs, making of
Black Rain 2.0519891080PDD+, DTS 6.1ENG, comment track, script, cast, making the film parts 1-2, post-production, trailer
Blade Runner - The Final Cut (2-disc) 1.5719822.40:1TrueHD,DD+FIN, 3 comment tracks, making of, deleted scenes, interviews etc
The Bourne Identity 1.5820022.35:1DD+FIN, documents
The Bourne Supremacy 1.4820042.35:1DD+FIN, documents
The Bourne Identity 1.5620072.40:1DD+FIN, documents
Casino 2.5919952.35:1DD+FIN, lots of documents, deleted scenes
The Chronicles of Riddick 2.1420042.40:1DD+FIN, intro, comment track, guide, log, visual effects, tout, deleted scenes, creation etc
Elisabeth: The Golden Age 1.5020071.85:1DD+FIN, documents, commentary, deleted scenes
Eyes Wide Shut 2.3919991.85:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+FIN, documents, short doc, interviews, speach, trailer, spots
Full Metal Jacket 1.571987-Dolby TrueHD, DD+FIN, comment track, short document, trailer
Happy Feet 1.4820062.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+, EXFIN, 2 animation sequences, behind the scenes&other documents, 3 music videos, classical cartoon
The Holiday 2.1620061.85:1DD Plus 5.1FIN
Hulk 2.1720032.35:1DD+FIN, commentary, documents, deleted scenes
King Kong 3.0820052.35:1DD+FIN
Knocked Up 2.1320071.85:1DD+FIN, 18 deleted scenes, documents etc etc
Leaving Las Vegas 1.5119952.35:1DTS HDFIN
Mad Max 2: Road Warrior 1.3519812.40:1DD+FIN, comment track, trailer, introduction
Matrix 2.1119992.35:1DD5.1FIN, lots of extras
Matrix Reloaded 2.1820032.40:1DD5.1FIN, lots of extras
The Matrix Revolutions 2.0920032.40:1DD5.1FIN, lots of extras
A Mighty Heart 1.4820071080pDD+ENG, documents, trailer
Out of Sight 2.0319981.85:1DD+FIN, commentary, inside, deleted scenes
The Pianist 2.2920021.85:15.1 DTS HDFIN
Pitch Black 1.5020002.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+ENG, lots of special features
Prestige 2.1220062.40:1DD+FIN, director's notebook, 5 making of documents, images, trailer
Red Dragon 2.0520022.35:1DD+ENG HOH, commentary, additional scenes, documents etc etc
Rio Bravo 2.2119591.85:1DD+ENG SDH, commentary, documents, trailer gallery
Serenity 1.5920052.35:1DD+FIN, deleted scenes, outtakes, introduction, documents, comment track, re-lighting, journey
Shaun of the Dead 1.4020042.35:1DD+ENG HOH, missing bits, tv bits, zombie gallery, commentaries etc
The Shining 1.5919801.85:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+FIN, steadicam comment track, document, short docs, trailer
Shrek the Third 1.4220071080pDD+ENG, storyboards, my menus, web extras, documents, lost scenes etc
Spartacus 3.1719602.20:1DD+ENG
Stardust 2.082007-DD+FIN, making of, deleted scenes, failed scenes, trailer
The Thing 1.4919822.40:1DD+ENG, lots of special features
TroyTroija2.4220042.40:1Dolby TrueHD, DD+FIN, action scenes, production, effects, animation, trailer
V for Vendetta 2.1220052.40:1Dolby TrueHDENG, notebook, docs, trailer etc